Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Collages and Other Unique Picture Frames

So you want to make a collage or perhaps you are interested in creating a unique shadow box to hold your valuable photographs and memorabilia. No problem! Whether you want to create lasting memories using cheap picture frames, discount picture frames or even wholesale picture frames, here are some pointers for creating lasting memories right the first time every time.

Collage Picture Frames

Collage picture frames are useful for creating lasting memories of a moment in time. Whether you want to create a lasting imprint of your wedding day, vacation or graduation, collages are the best way to go. Here are some steps to follow to make sure you create a collage you are pleased with:

  • Decide where you want your collage. Make sure you measure the space you have available for your frame. You don't want to buy a frame that is too small or large for the space.
  • Select the photographs you want to use for your collage. Remember they should vary in size and shape.
  • Review the types of collage picture frames available. Look for one that allows one or two large photographs and several small ones. Alternatively you may select a collage with three or four cutouts of equal size and shape.
  • Lay out your pictures according to size. Measure them against the frame you have available. Crop any pictures you need to so they fit correctly in the frame.
  • Now measure the wall space to decide where exactly you want your collage. Measure the corners of the frame from the ends of the wall so you can line up your frame evenly.
  • If using a lighter frame, nail wall hooks into the wall based on your measurements. If hanging a heavy frame, use nails to hang your frame.
  • Hang your picture!
  • Remember when making a collage the texture, color and feel of the background paint are just as important as the picture itself. You might consider painting the wall you plan to hang your collage on. Alternatively you may select a frame color and style that matches the current wall surface.

    Shadow Box Tips

    The most important consideration when setting up a shadow box is deciding the right frame to complement the items you plan to frame. Shadow boxes come in a couple of different varieties. Some have shallow frames. These are usually good for displaying coin collections or award ribbons. Most of these are only up to 1/2 inch deep.

    Traditional shadow boxes are about 4 inches deep. You can place virtually any item in these boxes. They help set off the object inside creating a more intense and three-dimensional image. When setting your image in a shadow box, you should use double sided tape or glue to keep the object in its place. If you plan to place a heavy object in a shadow box, you can use a substance called epoxy or caulking. Usually if you do this you will have to let the object dry for several hours.

    Occasionally you may be able to sew the object you want to display into the back of your shadow box. This is the case with a baseball for example. You can also buy some Velcro to attach soft articles to your shadow box. Remember shadow boxes are often used for hanging or displaying objects other than pictures. You can still put your favorite photos in them with a little double-sided tape. Wedding and baby memorabilia look amazing arranged in these multi purpose boxes.

    As with any picture frame, you should take time to measure the items you want to display. This will help you decide the right style and size of shadow box. If you want to display thick objects be sure you get a traditional style box rather than a shallow one. As with any decorating, be sure you have your picture framing supplies handy before mounting any pictures.

    You don't have to hang shadow boxes for them to look great. Most shadow boxes rest easily on a nightstand, in a display case or on a hutch or available counter. Consider buying one or two shadow boxes to complement other decorative pieces in your home like digital picture frames or magnetic picture frames. The biggest mistake people make is trying to cram too many objects in their displays. When it comes to making a shadow box, less is usually better!

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