How Will Your Visitors Remember You And Your Business? Brand Yourself From The Crowd...

Big and Yellow 'M' reminds you McDonalds... 'DELL' with oblique E reminds you famous 'Dell' computers...

No matter somebody is a beginner or a well established business person, they need to make their products familiar to the people. With so many products and services in the marketplace, what makes your product so unique and familiar?

More simply 'How will your potential prospect remembers you?'.

Simple answer would be 'Some uniqueness in your business'. This is otherwise called 'Branding'.

Two important false believes about branding are:

  • Branding a business needs lot of money expenditure.

  • Branding is only for Big boyz.

No matter the business is small or big or local or international, try to make it unique in someway, so your visitor or customer will remembers you.

How to brand Your Business?

1. Logo:

If you are not a graphic designer, hire a professional to create one for you. Your logo should reflect your business, easily understandable to viewers, good colors which don't lose their quality when you transform them to other media.

2. Tagline or statement below your logo:

This should breif, understandable and go with your business model. Like:

"Logo designing at An Affordable Price"


"Logo designing for both Small and Large Businesses"

3. Domain name:

Make it unique and make it familiar to your visitor.

See the name They branded it all over their web site like 'fly through domain registration', 'flypack' etc etc. And their other web sites like Everything goes with or like 'fly'.

4. Unique advertising methods:

You know... when I want to buy my Dell, I just went through PC Mag and bought recent issue to check out the prices and models. Ofcourse I can go to their web site too. But I think I am so accustomed to see the ads in PC Mags.

5. Good Customer support:

Have you heard of word of mouth? It is so influential too. You will get potential target customer. People will always be impressed by good customer care. They'd love to tell about you to their friends and relatives about your service(s).

6. Email Branding:

Put Your ezine name in your email subject lines. Put your logo in the email message body. Let your subscriber knows that email came from your company.

Here is a service for email branding:

7. Your Product:

Create an unique product. Develop it to an extent that some day if somebody think of your product they will remember your name or company. Or vice versa. This takes little bit time and patience. But sure one can be successful...

Final word: Any other methods you know? Well... I'd be glad you found it :-)

About The Author

Radhika Venkata

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