FSBO Author believes in Bookswaps

Hi Noel,

I absolutely love your website, As an MS sufferer I intend to buy your book and get "Back onto my feet." My motto this year is, "Again Alive In 2005!"

I have published a book also. It is not specifically about Multiple Sclerosis, although one of the characters in "FSBO" does have this "Dread Disease."

I never have fully embraced the MS diagnosis I received about five years ago. The symptoms have ~ none the less ~ continued to become more severe. Having had more debility effects after following a Neuro' recommendation to shoot myself with Avonex, I removed myself from their "Benevolent" program which was being paid for by our government ~ to the tune of @ $1,200 a month ~for people like me who had exhausted all of our own resources. My neuro', the subsequent, neuro' and the Dr's all think I'm crazy. All of them want me to try another injectable which my SSDI will pay for now. "No thank you, very much!"

I have had experience with attempting to bring a needed medical mechanical device to acceptance by the medical community and after 7 (seven) years (the last time) of frustration, I finally went broke. I've always believed that when I am financial able, I will do it again with the money to throw at the "Researchers" to get past the gatekeepers. That's another story and perhaps we will discuss it later, if you are interested?

Anyway, to my question. Would you be interested in being linked to a new website I am creating which will be broad~based, I hope high traffic, and will meet the needs of a variety of targeted and web surfers. MS is one of a variety of sections, as is alternative medicine.

For your information, I too am a Christian and I do intend to advocate for Jehovah God and His Son, my savior~Jesus. That is not to say that I will bar non~believers and even cult advocates from feeling welcome to visit and receive any blessings offered too. My Jesus is not threatened and He can hold His own. My own understandings and positions will be available and website visitors may consider them, if they wish to. Certainly, I intend to have links to a number of "Christian" sites of likely several denominational persuasions.One of my teachers (from former times~Richard Lang) is nearly finished with his inspired translation of the New Testament, from the original Greek. I am convinced that God is much larger and even more merciful than we can begin to comprehend. He's not a push~over and we will each be held accountable for how we have treated the trusts He has bestowed upon us.

As an author of three books, my old poetry books (1978~79 vintage) and my new novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO will be for sale, as will be Safespace, a Sci~Fi novel written by my brother, Robert. There may be links to many authors, we will see? As a writer of "Free Post" Articles, for reprint in ezines and anywhere, when I overcome this Evil disease, I should be able to get your book and message some press. Medical conspiracy is another section of my forthcoming website.


Russ Miles, author

PS: As personal resources are in short supply at the moment, I would rather offer you a book swaps than fork out $29.00. My soft~cover "FSBO" editions are $17.95 of which I make $1.54 in royalty. I have no hard~bounds on hand. Please let me know if you are interested :))

This is a very brief, incomplete preview of what I feel I am led to do. It will be much easier when I am shed of these nesciences of MS.

Russ Miles is author of the novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. A "Seasoned" Real Estate NAR® Broker, he is "Disabled" by Multiple Sclerosis, FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO ISBN 0-595-28703-4,in trade paperback, is available by phone or Internet:1-800-Authors to order direct! Adobe e-book & hard cover editions also available at Amazon.com at Barnes and Noble and other fine booksellers. For personal referrals to his publisher or comments, reach Russ at (360)694-6756. Or by e-mail MilesRuss@Gmail.com Please clearly state your subject so as not bo be mistaken for SPAM and for proper processing.

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