"You have taken yourself to be something that you are not". - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Each is loved unconditionally, unequivocally, eternally. Because I love each unconditionally there can never be mistakes. I do not care what you have done or what you are about to do. You are loved regardless of any action, any thought or any emotion, no matter how bad you imagine them to be. You cannot escape from my love try though you might. Allow yourself to bathe in the radiant light that is "I" for that is all existence.

Hear a bird singing and I am there. See a tree and that is where I live. I am in every part, in all atoms, in each superstring, in every cell and fibre of your being. I am the planets and the stars and everything in between in this universe. I am every universe and much more. There is no need to move anywhere, no need to seek, for I am already here right now in all things and in all places at once.

I am the sacred realm, the holy presence. I am beyond all that have come before me and all that will follow. I am that which you have been seeking, the thing you long for, what you have dreamed about since time immemorial. I am the source of all things, the only true thing. Be still, listen without your mind and body, let go of your thinking and know that I am God.

If I am that, then that too is what you are.

Come to know this and reality is yours for the taking. Not my reality, nor your reality, but reality: the reality that people call the kingdom of God. You are already here in the realm of the sacred, but you have so many dogmas, ideas and feelings that you have hidden what is blessed from yourself.

When I walk on earth and I hear a bird singing, the signing is I. I am pure and whole in the experience of singing. It arises within me and around me in perfect harmony with all that there is. The singing of the bird knows no boundaries. It has no rules for how things should be. It does not try to be something that it is not. It is just a singing in perfect harmony with its true nature.

Yet, when I see people, I see people hurrying, worrying, and making a drama from the smallest thing. It seems that everyone wants be anywhere but here, right now. There is no resonance with consciousness; instead there is disharmony, which only serves to deaden the essence of you. You walk as if already dead, but pretend to be alive. You have hidden the natural grace that is your birthright.

You were not like this once. When you were a young infant you cried without shame or regret. When you laughed it was heartfelt and the world laughed with you. You were just as happy to doodle in a colouring book, as you were to play with a friend. There was never a thought of "I would be happier doing something else". You were happy and content and that was enough. When you showed affectionate to others it did not come from a place of need or wanting something in return. You were affection incarnate. You had no notion of a human being instead you were "being" constantly. As this young child, you did not know fear in being.

Now that you are not being, but rather a human being which knows fear all too well, can you honestly say you have moved even an inch closer to eternal peace and joy? Look from your own experience; is anyone that you know abiding constantly in deep harmonic peace? Are they even happy 85% of the time? I in form know of only one being that is happy over 85% of the time. She is my niece aged 21 months. She is the most enlightened person I know.

In a few years time she will be indoctrinated to live in fear and enlightenment will be hidden from her. She will no longer live in the loving embrace that is I; instead she will experience doubt, guilt, shame, anxiety, and apprehension. She will become a human being and miss the divinity that is always before her.

She, like you will not know that every moment is a divine creation. The wind that blows through your hair, the smell of the ocean that is alive and fresh, the sunset that allows you to weep with joy at its ephemeral beauty are sacred creations. As you writhe in the ecstasy of passion, as you feel deeply the splendour of a child and as you rejoice in being, this too is divine creation unfolding before your eyes.

Divinity is in each and every moment. This is where the sacred realm of the God exists. It is not out there or up there, rather it is here before you and within you. It does not await you after death, nor does it occur through the reincarnation of many lifetimes: that is just Maya weaving another layer of illusion. In the world of separateness there are many illusions, layer upon layer of illusion.

In being there is no illusion, there is just the experience of the unfolding of a moment. That is all there is. There is no separate object perceiving another separate object. Separatism is the illusion that is at the heart of suffering. Being is the direct presence of divinity appearing as its true nature of oneness in the here and now. There is never any suffering in being; there is just pure abundant acceptance of what is.

Being is your salvation and it is available to you right now.

Extract from Mindlessness: Spiritual Love in Being.

Edward Traversa

Spiritual Enlightenment Blog

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