Quiz: What Kind of Sales Shoe Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of saleswoman you are? It doesn't matter if you run your own company or sell for someone else ? it is extremely important to know what your style is. What does The Sales Diva mean here? Well ? let me throw my high heel on my desk here and I will explain.

Are You a "Shoe-In" With Your Customers?

The most important aspect of selling is to understand and relate to your customer. And before you can do that ? you have to know yourself. Contrary to popular belief ? you don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel to be a success in sales. You don't have to copy anyone else. You just have to be YOU ? with all your quirks and also understanding your strengths.

The sales quiz below will help you determine what type of "Sales Shoe" you are wearing?and what areas of selling you need to improve. Answer yes or no to the following questions. Compare your point total to the scoring key at the bottom.

1. I enjoy the challenge of finding new clients.

2. I feel the most satisfaction with a client I have known a long time.

3. I like most networking events.

4. When I am faced with a difficult client I am not afraid.

5. I love when there are lots of details to put together.

6. Money is a motivator for me.

7. I get excited when I am working with a new client.

8. I love change.

9. I love getting out to networking events and meeting new people.

10. Following up with customers is easy for me.

11. Goal-setting is really important to me.

12. I get excited about unknown opportunities.

13. Self-motivation is one of my greatest skills.

14. I love people ? that's why I got into sales.

15. I rarely feel nervous when I ask for the sale.

16. I don't tend to take rejection personally.

17. I love exceeding my goals.

18. People often tell me that I am a great listener.

19. It doesn't matter what I sell as long as I believe in it.

20. I love learning and invest yearly in professional development.

21. I think that the word "selling" is a fabulous word!

22. I am an expert at asking questions.

23. I enjoy solving problems.

24. Relationships are my middle name!

25. My customers see me as an expert.

26. I have a clear picture of who my target audience is.

27. I know what I need to do to market myself.

Scoring Key: What Shoe Are You?

22-27 Points: High Heel Pump

You go girl! You are dedicated to helping people and making money at the same time. Just make sure to keep yourself on track ? start a Success Team so you continue to stay motivated.

16-20 Points: Stiletto

Great score! You can run a block in your high heels and not even get a run in your nylon. Just remember ? to maintain customer relationships ? you have to slow down and pay attention to some of the details.

11-15 Points: Mary Jane Classic

You're doing fine but there is room for improvement. Your shy nature may be holding you back in some areas. You don't have to be behind the scenes ? you get out there and shine! Try taking a public speaking class ? it will do wonders for your confidence!

6-10 Points: Sneakers

You're busy but not much is happening. You may be feeling a little frustrated at why success isn't coming faster. Dig deep here ? what are you afraid of? It's time to get a mentor and also quit trying to do everything yourself.

0-5 Points: Flip-Flop

Don't despair! Many of your attitudes about sales can be adjusted ? if you're willing. Use this quiz as a starting point to pinpoint the changes you want to make. Consider reading one professional development book a week and also getting some sales advice for your business.

Copyright© 2005

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