The Rapture, A coming Event; Part 2

The Rapture. Part 2.

Revelation 3:10-22:19

So far we see in looking back, the church could not have been raptured, because just these few things, required for the rapture have not taken place yet. We are thou, close, because the birth pains that Jesus spoke of, have already started.

The pre trib. view, 1st. Thes. 4:16-17, 1st Cor. 15:50-56, shows that Jesus will rapture His church before the tribulation begins. Thus fulfilling the scriptures of Rev. 3:10 and others. Remember that we are not appointed to wrath. Why is this study so important for us? We according to the word are not going to be here during the 70th week of Daniel, but remember, maby some of our children, friends and love-ones, that are not saved may be. The have to know what will happen and what to do and not to do. To coin a phrase, its for those who are left behind.

Most Bible students make the mistake when they study prophecy, they try to use 1 verse to build a doctrine. Its good to keep in mind that sometimes a difference of opinion is determined weather you take the prophecy's, literally or metaphorically. So for our purposes we will take all literally. Jesus said in Rev. 3:10, Since you have kept my command to endure patently, I will also keep you from the Hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world.

Since here, Jesus, is speaking to the entire church, and the church is still here, the rapture hasn't taken place. Some try to use Matt.24:34 and other single passages to build a doctrine, where they ere is where the prophecy's, spoken of by Jesus had to be fulfilled first. The generation that sees these things come to pass, will be the generation, that will see the rapture. In Matt. 24:4 thru, Jesus speaks of many things that have to occur,

1. The gospel must be preached thru out the world.

2. Vers. 6 an 7 are two different references things that must take place.

3. Look at verse 8, All these are the beginning of sorrows, so Since these are only the beginning, all else has to take place.

Lets go to Paul in ,1st Thess. Paul mentions the rapture in every chapter. Lets remember that when Paul wrote these letters, that there was a time laps, between the time they were written and the time that they were delivered. In 1st Cor. Paul writes, Give no offense to the Jew or to the Greeks, which are the church of God. This passage could be used alone to prove that the rapture hasn't taken place.

Remember, the Church that Jesus is coming back after will be comprised of both Jews and Gentiles, One Church, Joined together, in Revelations it is called, The General Assembly and Church of the First Born. This subject is very important, don't be deceived, people need to here that time is almost over and it will be time for them to give an account of themselves. End of Part 2.

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