Romancing The Senses

Romance can be experienced in numerous ways, but it is best enjoyed when you get all your senses in on the action. The following are suggestions for getting the most out of romance, one sense at a time.


Lighting should be one of the first areas you look at when trying to establish a romantic mood. Candlelight is perfect for romantic ambiance, as is the light from a fireplace. You could also try warm, soft light bulbs, preferably of a low-wattage or pleasing color.

Speaking of color, give some thought to it when arranging a romantic setting. Reds will tend to inspire feelings of passion, energy and conversation, while blues will encourage trust and relaxation, as well as helping to sooth nerves. Try violet, a combination of the two, for a great comforting effect. Colors to avoid include yellows and oranges.

Flower will also be not only be pleasing visually, but will also appeal to one's sense of?


The sense of smell is one of the most powerful things you can target when it comes to striking a romantic mood. Scents travel directly to the brain and can trigger a wide range of emotions. Some of the scents that can help romantically include vanilla, lavender, jasmine, mandarin, rose and sandalwood. You could also try to cook foods that please and provoke positive emotions, such as cinnamon rolls. One of the primary considerations here is to take into account what you and your partner like.


You've probably heard the phrase "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," but this isn't limited to men. Cultures throughout history have believed that aphrodisiacs existed that could help enhance "romance," and science is now backing them up on it. Take, for example, chocolate. Chocolate actually triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that create feelings of pleasure and gratification.

One sure-fire romantic combination is to break out the champagne, strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. Other aphrodisiacs that you can try include asparagus, artichokes, caviar, figs, ginger, grapes, honey and the old standby, raw oysters.


Classical or ambient music are the obvious choices when it comes to striking an audio romantic mood, but you can really listen to anything that you find enjoyable and relaxing (the best choices typically are those types of music with melodic and slow tempos). The idea is to create a sound "envelope" you can slip into, a world of two removed from the larger one outside. A couple of tips on how you can further achieve this goal: avoid the television (ooo, a car chase? give me a kiss), and try to block out outside noise with thick curtains.


Which brings us to the touchie-feelie sense. There are a number of things you can focus on in this area to enhance romance. First, think fabrics. Items made from silk (sheets), satin, velvet, cashmere, mohair and angora will all add to a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Try mixing up your normal setting by cluttering it with plush pillows, throws and other comfortable accessories. Set up a thick rug next to the fire, load it with pillows, add champagne and chocolate? you get the idea.

Finally, try a gentle massage. This is a perfect way to both relax and re-energize a partner. It also is a great way to get close. Try massaging the head, hands and feet with flowing and rhythmical motions. For an added benefit, use a scented massage oil.

Stimulating all five of the senses will help to make your romantic evenings both more pleasurable and more special. Try mixing and matching any of the above ideas, and don't be afraid to experiment with your own if you feel that they will enhance the mood. Personal preferences and likes are really the only rules when it comes to romance.

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Rich Gray currently writes for several Websites, including The Art of Calm and The Virtual Vermonter. He also runs YankeeScents, a company devoted to the creation of fine potpourri.

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