A Womans World

Women are simply wonderful don't you think? This question is not just aimed at us men but to women also! Throughout my life women have played a massive part in my upbringing from my Mother, my Aunts and to my very lovely and sadly missed Grandmother. These women have nurtured me and shown me what it takes to really be a man. How did they do that? Well! Somehow they just did and God they do it so well.

Men's fascination with women be you straight or gay is so open to many questions that men can never actually quite answer but if you talk to a woman the odds are that if you ask them the right questions you will get the right answers. It's this innate goodness that they naturally have which most men don't really understand. So what do we do as men, we keep most of our emotions locked deep within us and we never really truly say what we really feel and want. Now that's when all the problems start, don't get me wrong now some men are very open with their feelings but most men are pretty much isolated in regards to how they feel and what they say?For instance take me, I have only ever really been in love maybe once or twice in my life so far and in those two separate occasions my feelings for the two women actually grew much stronger when It appeared that I was losing their love.

I felt in love at the start but that really was not the case and as I got to really know each of these two women, I loved them but I was not in love until I could no longer be with them.

It's amazing how this situation happens so many times in relationships. It always starts as Lust and Infatuation but then it becomes just ok! Then there is that tedious period where you are both a bit lost with each other and you do all you can to revive it but in reality you can't because you know that you both have changed somewhat and silly things like life in general helps change your view of the person you are with. Then one day its all over and yes we all do what we can to deal with it but for me the end was always where I could finally see just how much I was in love with the person and then I would look like and act like a fool to try to resolve the situation but again it would always be too late. Why! Well as a man my true feelings were hidden and I could never find the right things to say when it really mattered. Life is hard but you know what, we make it so hard especially us men?we should really do much more to understand our women and women as a whole!

Women are seen as sex objects in so many ways that these days you are blinded by just how beautiful and natural women are. We desire them the same way we desire money, in fact within today's society both are pretty much the same to many men. From those immortal words from the main character from the movie 'Scarface' where he says, 'You get the money, you get the power and you get the women'. This is so true and its how most men see women. When the young see all these images of women parading around practically naked in rap videos and other mediums where women are somewhat idolises, it's us men who really benefit the most from it, I sometimes wonder and ask other women just what they think about this and the most of the time the woman would put the blame on women, where you would think that they would be angry at men!

On many occasions I have seen or heard where the man does wrong i.e. let's say, he cheats on his girlfriend, instead of blaming the boyfriend the girl would go after the girl he cheated with?go figure! Women these days for me can be their worse own enemy.

Women truly just want to be loved but it's us men who don't know why they want that, so we screw things up all the time and it's always the woman who has to pick up the pieces. There are some great men out there who are very open with their feelings and good on them but there is still a vast majority of men around the world who because of lack of intelligence choose to disrespect women in so may ways to the point it seems that they almost hate women which I think most men do anyway because they fear what they don't understand. In a woman's world things look and feel different, to them I feel that they see life more clearly. In a man's world men almost feel that they are held back, we view women as objects to be used and abused mentally and physically. If it was ever possible to find a common ground between the sexes that would be understanding. In my life I have been lucky enough to really understand most women but still I feel like a novice when it comes to truly understanding what women want. So the lesson continues and it's a lesson where in truth I just have to learn and that should apply to all the men in the world.

Mark J Stevens©

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