The Art of Manifestation

There are times in life when we wish to create something. Perhaps it is a new relationship, car, house, or a special holiday. Wouldn't it be nice to have a formula which works. A systematic way to create in life that which we desire. This is not only possible, but I have used this formula many times and it works really well. Take the manifestation of our current place of residence.

Eleven years ago, Linda and I were married. We had a wonderful wedding at Sublime Point Lookout in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. There was torrential rain all day and the just before sunset the sun burst forth creating a powerful energy. There were spirits at work that day, and everything went like clockwork. The staff at our reception place commented that they had never seen an event run so smoothly. Everything was provided, including a cottage with a Hot Tub for our wedding night.

This was a high point in our lives. We were feeling energised and able to accomplish anything. We went to Thailand for a Honeymoon and an absolutely fabulous time trekking through the jungle and relaxing on fabulous beaches. Many miracles had occurred to supply the finances for these events including halving of the air fare the week we were to book tickets!

With all our finances invested in the honeymoon and reception, I awoke the Tuesday after our return, sat bolt upright in our bed and announced, "It is time we purchased a house!" I was certain the time was right! It was a strong intuitive feeling. Linda and I at that stage had been renting. We were guided to each property we lived in. It is amazing when you follow your intuition, how you are led to exactly what you are looking for! It is a matter of following the formula you are about to have explained. Anyway, why spoil a good story with facts.

It was really great to have a thought about a house. Once we were clear we had to have a plan. So we visited a display home centre where they advertised new homes for $1,000 deposit. I had that much credit left on my card. All things are possible, even though prospects looked bleak.

We were told to forget about it. "You can't do anything until you have saved at least $10,000", was the agent's reply. Anyone who knows me understands that the word no is meaningless. It is just someone's opinion. You see, there are no limits to what can happen in life. I expect miracles every day ? and they happen. A house was a bit of a stretch. It is a BIG miracle. We decided that this was not the right place and kept asking everyone we met if they knew of any houses for sale.

Eventually we arrived at Kariong on the NSW Central Coast. I had never heard the name. I didn't know where it was. I cannot remember how I even found out about it. Perhaps Spirit spoke to me or I received the information through a synchronicity (co-incidence to non believers).

We arrived at the Real Estate office and were told there were two homes available. We went to visit the sites and sat on the concrete slabs of each home. When we sat in our current lounge room we both received messages. It felt like our place! So we told the agent we would take it. We knew for certain that this was to be our new home and we were not concerned with details such as how to pay for it.

We were told to find $13,000 in 12 weeks including over Christmas and the bank would lend us the rest. That seemed like a fair deal. It was a huge stretch for us in terms of finances. I have never saved that sort of money in my life. We knew the house was for us, so we went to work. Miracle after miracle happened and we made it with a week to spare. As if to test us, half way through the agent suggested someone else wanted our house and we could have more time to get another one in a less advantaged position. We told her that it was our house or nothing. We had decided.

There are many similar occasions where we have manifested what we wanted. This includes cars, holidays, and household items. It is a fun process, and if you follow the formula, it works. Here's how to do it.

Step 1. Inspiration. Every idea begins with an intuitive hunch. We know we need certain things at certain times in our lives. There is an inner voice which tells us. We encounter omens or coincidences which point to it. Conversations trigger ideas through synchronicity. There are times when you know you want something.

Step 2. Visualise. Be clear on what it is you wish to create in your life. The more specific, the better. We teach making lists as a way to clarify what you want. When I was single, I used to make lists of qualities I wanted in a partner and usually someone would turn up in two weeks! I did this 5 or 6 times until I got the list right. The world is a reflection of our mind. We attract into our lives a reflection of the thoughts we project. If you really want anything, you can have it. Creating a crystal clear vision is an important step.

Detail is vitally important in this. Collect pictures, draw a plan or diagram, write a list of exactly what you want. Take some time. Don't compromise, remember, you get what you ask for! Visualisation is about solidifying ideas into a solid and concrete physical object. Once you write enough details and focus on them daily, the vision will come. You start to see images of what you desire. As you scan magazines and books, real estate catalogues and display home villages, you start to see your new home. What does the vista look like? What amenities do you want nearby? Do you want to be close to transport? Would you like a bustling inner city apartment or a country retreat?

Step 3. Action. Don't neglect the visualisation process. By spending time getting clear on what you desire, you will recognise it when it turns up! That will provide you with certainty that you have found what you are looking for and give you the courage to complete the plan to manifestation. Next brainstorm what you can do towards manifesting your goal. In our case we visited display homes, found out about finance, researched different areas. We asked everyone we knew if they were aware of properties for sale. We didn't think about failure, or not being able to afford it. We concentrated our efforts to produce results. For a few weeks we followed our hunches. Many of these leads amounted to nothing.

Step 4. Pull back. After you have done your homework, visualised what you want and taken necessary action, the next step is to withdraw. Be crystal clear on your outcome, daily visualise what you desire, but release the need to have it. When we project neediness, we block manifestation. When we don't care, miracles happen. Be confident. Release any negative thoughts. Affirm that what you desire is on the way with everyone you meet. Brush off any thoughts or comments that you can't achieve what you wish. When we were saving for our house, we would sit in the car before we visited the agent and repeat "We do not need this house" until we really felt it didn't matter whether we got it or not. This cleared us to negotiate without need. Be rock solid in your belief in the face of a void. Spirit is testing you to see if you really intend to manifest your desire.

Step 5. Be patient. By now you have put in place all that is necessary to make your dreams come true. Completely let go and it is a matter of time. I often write a series of goals at the beginning of the year. It is amazing how many of these happen, even though I forget about them. At the end of the year, I get out my list and find most have occurred. Once you send out the necessary crystal clear vision, and get out of the way, it will happen. We live in an infinite universe of absolute abundance. It is only our limiting beliefs which restrict our experience.

Step 6. Once you find what you are looking for, ask what you have to do to get it. It may require money, help from a friend, education or other resources. Make a plan which is realistic and do what you have to. You see, when I decide in my mind to achieve a goal, it is a done deal. It is not a question of if, but how. You may have to sell something to release finances. You may have to borrow money. You may have to move. Perhaps you need to visit another country to get what you want. Perhaps you need to get educated, attend a seminar, join an organisation. Whatever it is you need to do, carry it out. Once you have it in your sights, make it happen. 100% commitment leads to results.

Step 7. Celebrate. Anchor in your belief in your own power to manifest by celebrating your success. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to find exactly what you want in life. Have a glass of champagne. Go out for dinner. Splash out. It is important to honour your victories. Again, this step is often overlooked.

We have used these simple steps to create abundance in our lives. This is a lot of fun. Whenever life gets serious, stop and look at the flowers. Go to the movies, visit the countryside, do whatever it takes to shift your mood. Angels tread lightly. You are an angel. Lighten up, have fun with life, and watch your desires come to pass with ever increasing rapidity. Make it so!

John Gaydon

This article is an extract from John's book, "Life Mastery - how to Achieve it".

Visit John's Web site at

John Gaydon has been teaching prosperity since 1988. After a failed marriage, John spent three years of studying and learning how to transform his life. This led him to India and New York where he learnt from some of the best in the field. He now lives the life of his dreams, supported by a full time passive income, frequent travel and a wonderful family life. Life is wonderful.

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