Gasoline Prices Going Through the Roof


Here we go again. I guess now the "proof is in the pudding" and it is time for us to face reality.

Gas prices are not going back down and is now said to be going up, again, to an average of over $3.00 per gallon.

This will be the highest jump in gasoline prices we have had since January this year. The increase of gasoline clearly does not only affect the people but also our economy.

Back when gasoline reached over $2.00 per gallon you could see lower sales of SUV's and other large vehicles. People just could not afford to drive these type cars and trucks.

Just imagine what will happen now when prices exceed $3.00.

Not only will it affect our economy on a larger scale but for a lot of people it may be devastating.

Personally I cannot drive my car as much as I would like to. I actually have to limit my driving and make priorities of when do I really have to go somewhere.

Think about this. The minimum wage is around $5.50 in the USA. This means after you pay your state taxes, federal taxes and FICA. Of that hours work you are basically left with enough money to buy one gallon of gasoline which might take you 15-20 miles down the road. (Not to mention the price of gasoline is loaded with more Federal and State taxes.) In other words you have to work one hour to be able to drive for 15 minutes.

Gee, they say owning a car is a luxury and a privilege. Time for a reality check again.

For most Americans a car is a basic necessity. Is the government mentioning that they will do anything about this? (Like lower the Federal and State taxes on gasoline) NO! They are not.

Millions of Americans are already living below the poverty level today and how many will be considered to live below the poverty level after this increase in gasoline? A lot more people will have to seek help from the already strained welfare system just to feed their families. Children will go hungry so mom and dad can get to work to at least keep a roof over the family's head.

Are we really a people that are so easily led? Don't we have enough gumption and guts to stand up and say enough is enough or if nothing else demand something in return? (Like an increase in wages or a cheaper barrel of oil from Iraq that we are pouring billions and billions of U.S. tax dollars into) I got a question what is the price of gasoline in Iraq? Did you know that the U.S government is subsidizing the price of gasoline for the people of Iraq. Just guess what people in Iraq are paying for a gallon of gasoline? Please sit down before we tell you. 5 CENTS a gallon. Whats wrong with this picture?

You might think "OH WELL" welfare will take care of these people. What if it will actually affect you? This extra money you will have to pay for gasoline might be the money that would enable you to have cable TV. a computer or a cell phone. It will not be very nice to give this up, will it?

Before it all gets out of hand let us try to do something, demand something. After all we are supposed to be a government for the people, by the people. ARE WE NOT?

Our family took steps to lower our spending on fuel. We tried many products from oils, liquids, attachments and researched every product out there to no avail found nothing that worked.

Until one day I was taking a taxi and the driver told me about this revolutionary new product that he had been using for months to increase his gas mileage, he said the whole Taxi cab company was using it and they increased their gas mileage by as much as 25%. He kindly gave me a few tablets to try. I took the tablets with great skepticism and tried them and to my surprise it really did work. The pills increased my mileage by about 20%. I vowed to tell the world about this product so here is a site to read more about the product

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