Dismal Performance of the NSA

The NSA failed the American people and allowed the attack to occur on 9-11-2001. They had nearly an unlimited budget to work with, complete interagency trumping power and more data than God. Yet, they squandered away our chances in another huge bureaucracy of epic proportions. It is unacceptable for failure. Government's number one job is to protect the American people, yet with all the funding, black budgets and manpower they failed. Why is this? Has the NSA become weak, drowned in bureaucracy with over zealous ladder climbing incompetence? Yes, in fact this is what happened. Could I do a better job? Yes, any one could. Including my mother. It is pathetic to think with all the data available, all the information, all the little petty weak humans sneaking around and collecting all our private information that they could not even catch the hijackers of 9-11 who had FAA certificates, drivers licenses, VISAs and lived right out in the open?

Fact is the NSA doesn't get it. Now as they are under pressure the utterly incompetent people working there, who think they are so brilliant that they can trick people into believing they are legitimate citizens when they use electronic means of communication to check on anomalies that are produced by their nifty computer system. Problem is their system was way over budget, does not work and they are so arrogant to think they know what they are doing. Fact is they don't. As a matter of fact our enemies and intelligence spies from other nations know our system better than the NSA knows their own. We have homosexual spies, which are Russian, Chinese and Italian infiltrating and making friends in gay bars in Washington. We have pretend allies selling weapons ot the other side, we have insurgents in the United States dodging the NSAs system completely and the IT people still cannot make it work right. Then to top it off we have the NSA bluffing their way into some secret BS, which is protecting us? Truth is it is all BS.

We have morons in Silicon Valley soaking up the In-Q-Tel Funds for some great new real language Voice recognition systems, email reading programs, etc. yet it does not work. Most of this crap does not even exist yet. Instead it ends up catching your mother writing an email to her friend about a movie she saw, which in turn signals a human to make a pretend contact to derive information to check on you. Not a smart human, a government bureaucrat with an arrogant attitude who is probably leaking secrets himself.

We have thousands of salaried government employed folks going thru business record data from Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental Agencies, IRS forms, Business Licenses, Credit Reports and PTA agenda meetings online of participants. Yet most of the data is wrong, similar spellings of a name gets your rear end on a watch list and Mohammed goes unchecked? This is the NSA? BFD. The Business Data, which is shared is garbage with miss spellings, wrong addresses, old junk and this is shared with other agencies. Now the FBI and others want to share all this worthless data and hire more people to check out all the anomalies and they end up targeting anyone who has ever done anything in their lives screwing up America's life blood; our productivity. Then those who have never gotten a parking ticker, speeding ticket, bought a six-pack of beer go unchecked. Guess who? Well a few should who have never done anything and 18 of our next hijackers?

Next time the government screws up and Americans Die, because of their ineptness it can be only one of two possible problems; (A) They cannot protect us, never could and are full of themselves. Not willing to push the envelope, work late, harder, smarter like the rest of the country; (B) They do not care; or (C) They are in on it. I think the NSA has no balls, no one working their who gets it or too many people working in and around them to even know that they leak more information than the 10-Year Gay Bar patrons in Washington D.C.'s rear ends. Think about it, I am tired of failure and weakness.

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