Judgment and detective work requires thinking about possibilities. One of the things I'd been thinking for a long time relates to the use of the Plague and other biologics against the North American people. I knew about Fort Pitt years later; they used the bubonic fever bugs on blankets given to women in a cold winter to infect a whole Indian nation. It was clear to me if they would do that when the Indian threat was minimal they would have used it before that when they first invaded Paradise. De Soto's meanderings had always seemed calculated to infect as many Indians as possible. The mindset of social engineering and 'sins and demons' or the 'Flat Earth' fear-mongering about monsters being somewhere other than the Vatican shows the kind of control and greed. The Treaty of Tordesillas makes it clear they intended (in the dictated words of Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI) to spread the Inquisition through the whole world.

Motive, opportunity and modus operandi or prior acts were all present but I couldn't prove anything without the smoking gun. I wrote how odd it was that Columbus had dogs at the front of his troops and brought them all the way across the ocean. Usually dogs are not great weapons unless (?) they are carriers of fleas from the rats on board ship. Other people I discussed this with still said the Catholics did not know what caused the Plague and their own people were indiscriminately felled by the same pathogen. Good argument, I thought ? but still I knew different, and thus I continued to research.

Froissart and others calculated the European total at over 75,000,000 people. A war on the citizens and population control to scare the totality of European people! The Flagellants were a Catholic sect who burned whole ghettoes (like concentration camps) of Jews who were blamed for this Plague. I knew Paracelsus cured the whole city of Stertzing, Austria in 1524 and that he was drawing on earlier alchemic and homeopathic knowledge. But by this time other epidemic diseases were working on the few remaining Indians of North America. So what, Columbus flew the Templar flag like Da Gama, a papal astronomer and a friar cosmographer arranged his trip, and the result was horrific. This is not proof. Now, I have the proof that they knew about the plague and how to stop it as well as the words of Churchill saying it was done with design and for a reason he thinks is good.

"The first Western reports of the Black Death actually came in 1347. It broke out among the troops of the Kipchak Khan, ruler of one of the fragments of the disintegrating Mongol empire. His army was besieging the Black Sea port of Kaffa when it was ravaged by the plague. In one of the first recorded instances of biological warfare, the Khan ordered his siege artillery to fling infected corpses over the city walls? In the next six years the dreadful disease roared across Europe in what has been rated the worst calamity experienced by the Western world at that time? A generation after Genghis Khan, Rubruck reported that 'there are plenty of marmots there, which in those parts they call sogur and of which in winter twenty or thirty at a time collect in one hole and sleep for six months: of these they catch a great number.' He also recorded the fact that whenever a Mongol was very sick, a warning sign was put up over his tent advising that it contained an ill person and that no one should enter." (10)

He also described how they moved away from camp sites when black rats were seen and the sterilizing of clothes and bathing of people. The rats get the Plague from the Marmots and it is a weaker strain at that point ? but still able to kill. It is only recently that we are able to understand the Plague itself more thoroughly than the shamanic smiths of the Mongols. Clearly this is rising to the level of proof given the fact that Rubruck was a top Catholic scholar whose writing were in the hands of his superiors. It is hard to believe that military people didn't savor such a weapon or use it when needed and we know they did at Fort Pitt centuries later. The other major disease that was used against Americans is smallpox. Homeopaths knew how to cure it long before the English allowed noted historian Gibbon to take the scab and inoculate himself. I am certain that 8th century homeopaths like Maimonides understood these cures and I think long before that it was part of the medicine bag of healers throughout the world. So the only missing ingredient is intent and Churchill provides that in his book titled The Island Race.

"Philosophers might suggest that there was no need for the use of the destructive mechanism of plague to procure the changes deemed necessary among men." (11)

"Changes deemed necessary" ? yes, he is one of the inner sanctum as was his father.

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