We Do Not Have An Upside Down Trade Deficit Because We Cannot Compete

Our trade deficit is directly proportional to our attacks on US Businesses and Entrepreneurs. We do not have an upside down trade deficit because we cannot compete. We can compete with any nation. We have bad policies, over regulation, too many lawyers and lawsuits. We have judges and juries ruling for unbelievable sums to send a message to the businesses and industries as if it were the job of the court to dictate policy.

Now then with everything and everyone against the businesses, there probably will not be many businesses in the future and therefore the jobless rate will peak out. We also must take care of the brain drain and technology transfers to our competitor nations who steal our patents and trademark materials. Meaning if we do not get moving and fix these things the US as we know it will be passed by the Pacific Rim, and EU as mega players in the future. If we allow our country to act as the United Countries rather than the United States, we can expect more of the same, not less of the same. I think all aspects of society ought to stop calling the kettle black and back off of this doomed direction because this road leads us down hill. Business needs a voice, a voice of reason. Luckily the Democratic candidates who are anti-business are no longer pandering to and now back peddling a little from the crybaby constituency they have in the past catered to, in order to get incoming donations for their campaigns. This means maybe they will lighten up on the issues of attacking businesses. Sarbaines is not running for re-election, good.

Any politician in my professional opinion has no business pointing fingers at corporate America. No politician who has not run a business needs to be elected. No Professor who has never run at least a small business ought to teach anything but ART Appreciation basic 101 classes at the community college level. Opinion and that is exactly what this liberal academia thinking is, because if you have never been there, how would you know what it is all about, lifer academia is idealistic and full of the PC acid of our society is doing to this great country. News reporters who have an axe to grind ought to be in a format designated for that, such as the Factor, Scarborough or such. Not in a format of news only. There is a time and a place for opinion. Mine included and if you will note it is usually on a private website blog or in an article like this one where I let you have it; straight from the gut; but the gut of an entrepreneur who has had to deal with the blob of bureaucracy all his professional life.

Look here is the deal, we are never going to balance the trade deficit until we get real and realize who built this nation and start letting those capitalists and entrepreneurs do their jobs, what they do best; build and create, without attacking them every time they invest in our economy or want to expand their endeavors. If we have to take Caesars advice and kill all the attorneys, we may as well, because it is just a matter of time before the Chinese come over here and do it for us and then take care of all of us too. We need to negotiate from a position of strength. That means a strong economy and business community too. Think about it.

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