The Will To Fight for Islam

The more I study the dynamics of WWII the more I am convinced that we won the war because of our entrepreneurs and their output; manufacturing capability. With most other things being equaled; technology, techniques of war strategy, etc.; only two things won us the war. The Will to Win, and the never before achieved industrial output. I can safely say in the car wash industry no one has more will than us and no one has the ramp up capability that could supercede us. Does this mean the US will for ever completely dominate the industry? No, nothing is set in stone and there are many possible futures and outcomes. However, with all things being equal and our teams ability to adapt and roll with the punches I believe we have the best odds of victory. Each time we bring more fervor, more resolve and more will to the table we just that much closer to being the top dog. Size does matter, but size alone does not proclaim advanced victory. I think the movie Rocky said it best. He was in it heart, body and soul to win it. Everyone could identify with that movie and wanted Rocky to win, but no one more than Rocky himself. Vince Lombarde also talks of this human phenomena. As much as I wanted the US to win the Olympic Hockey game, I could not forsake Canada's team. They clearly went for it and played like true champions. They deserved to win and win they did.

Fanfare is great and intimidation is of value, miss directions will help you against any enemy, competitor or the followers of Sun Tzu. Or rather help him make a mistake that will achieve your will, but the capability, the intense skill, industrial output, training does have it's advantages. The only leveler of any battle is the will to win. Now many do not understand our enemy, who derives his will from his own mind having been tricked into believing that he has a stronger will than himself and therefore self-doubt does not enter into the equation. So does he have the stronger will than will of self? Stronger will through his perceived God, Allaah? It is hard to say, although in competing in battles for market share and in sports and even politics for a spell, I have discovered that will derived from self for a believed just and noble cause comes higher on the pedestal of all wills, than that of the will derived from outside sources, whether they are real, imaginative or contrived. Self-preservation is a strong human motivator of will. It is one of the strongest in man, however it is not as the strong as will derived form real experiences and observations from that self.

If our military population is deriving it's will from the pictures of the World Trade Center attacks, the jets hitting the building and the buildings collapsing then they should have a stronger will to win than a man deriving his will from a religion that is false and taken out of context. I of course will not comment on my views of Islam for this discussion. Religion does seem to have a place amongst our species and man kind and a docile'ing affect with regards to mankind, but with it's many positives relating to the known natural socialization of man and need to interact with one and another it also has many draw backs and as many point out who are innately religious many advantages too. One advantage we see as we watch out enemy go and blow themselves up for a cause is that it is a strong bond. A bond, which transcends Maslow's Hierarchy of needs at its highest level and allows extreme focus.

Does this mean our enemy could eventually win by holding out and persevering longer? Not necessarily, but it does mean he could and it means we need to be stronger, more adapted and willing to rip our heart from our enemy. It is a battle of wills and we must not underestimate a 5000-year old culture or it's few hold out renegades. Luckily for us an enemy bound whose mind is bound in religion will follow that religion either way it goes. So in a way this is a war on religion and interpretation and we must find the clerics, which have and are prostituting the holly works of Islam and lay them out for admonishment of the people. Once they are outcast we may find ourselves with a whole lot more peaceful group of holdouts with that will turned towards the resolve of nation building instead of suicide. This game of they kill some of us, we kill more of them and so on is getting boring and delaying progress. The true enemy is not the man whose mind is controlled, but the one who controls the minds of men. We must therefore attack, find, publically humiliate or kill those clerics who have hijacked Islam. Think about it.

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