Business: ?Where Is America Headed To??, New York Millionaire Wonders

Hello! Happy new year. May you live a long healthy life and prosper.

According to a study by US dept. of Health & Human Services, 96% of Americans never achieve financial independence. They end up depending on charity, welfare, family, or are forced to keep working past their retirement age.

According to the IRS, 85% of the people reaching age 65 years don't have even $200 in their bank accounts! US Census Bureau says that 97% of Americans never realize their dreams and desires in life, and are forced to retire on annual income of $10,000 or less!

The average American is $15,000 in debt, not including their homes and car payments.

Parents will have to spend over $150,000+ to raise their kids to the age of 18 years, and will spend another $77,000 to send them to college.

Every day, about 2,200 Americans lose their jobs, while more than 20,000 families lose their homes to foreclosure every year, and another 500,000 file for personal bankruptcy.

Some of the largest US corporations have been continuously downsizing their work force and laying off thousands of people during the past ten years.

America is weakening and sinking deeper into a debt nation. The paradox is that America is the richest and greatest nation on earth, and yet millions of the people live below the poverty level.

Why is it so? Why is it that 1% of the Americans control 37% of all wealth, 60% of all the corporations, and 10% of all the real estate?

One of the reasons is that most people do not know the SECRETS of the RICH and POWERFUL and are ignorant of the dynamics of wealth creation, preservation and perpetuation.

The majority of the people have been misled to believe that to achieve financial security, success and happiness, all they have to do is to go to college, obtain a degree and get a job.

Nothing can be further from the Truth!

To make both ends meet, both husbands and wives have to go to work.

In some cases, some people have two or more jobs: day job, evening job, and weekend job.

They spend every minute of their lives running from one job to the next, and have no time to enjoy the money they make or the company and love of their families.

Both the husband and wife hardly have time for each other or their children.

The children have no role models and are devoid of proper parenting. Some start missing classes, hanging out with the wrong gang, using drugs and committing crimes.

This leads to moral decay, lack of discipline, dropping out of school and life in and out of prison, teenage pregnancy and welfare dependency.

It is pathetic! Even when both parents are working, they still have mountains of bills to pay: mortgage, car, credit card bills and personal loans.

When they lose their jobs, they are unable to continue with the payments, so they lose their car, then their homes and credit line and probably end up on skid rows.

This leads to marital strife, discontent, divorce and depression.

And life in other continents and countries of the world are not better!

Since the economies and the currencies of the other countries of the world depend largely on American economy and currency, whatever happens in America ultimately affects the other countries!

America gives billions of dollars in financial and military aids annually to many countries in the world.

But many of the governments of these countries (especially the developing ones) are corrupt to the bone!

They steal these billions of dollars and salt them away in secret Swiss Bank accounts.

They don't use it to build manufacturing industries that will create jobs for their country people.

They don't use it to build the infrastructures to enhance the quality of life of their people.

Their people have no modern amenities and infrastructures, good roads, electricity, running water, telecommunication service, or jobs.

They have no business, no future and no hope!

That explains why some of them dabble in scams, while others escape to seek a better fate in America and European countries.

Instead of giving billions of dollars to these corrupt governments that enrich a few corrupt politicians, why not give the same billions of dollars to American corporations so they can go to those countries and help them build up their economies and create jobs that benefit the people?

That is what American government should be doing, if it is seriously interested in helping people from other countries of the world.

This may help improve international relationships and restore the respect and love that other countries once had for America.

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Have a happy new year filled with sunlight, success, good health and may your dreams and ambitions come true.


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