Postcard Direct Mail Marketing: 15 Ways To Grab Attention

If you use direct mail postcards to generate leads or sell a product or service, you need to create postcards that grab your prospect's attention. The place to do that is Side A, the side that doesn't have the stamp and address on it. Here are some creative ways to get the attention of your potential buyers, some of which have worked extremely for well for my clients.

  • feature a wacky photograph
  • use a photo of your product in an unusual setting
  • make an outrageous (but true) claim
  • state your unique selling promise in an intriguing way
  • present your prospect's problem (the one that your product or service solves) in a compelling way
  • ask a provocative question, and put the answer on Side B
  • feature a short quiz that stimulates interest in what you are selling
  • just be blunt and put your offer in big letters ("SAVE 20% ON YOUR ORDER!")
  • quote someone famous saying something profound about your product or service
  • quote someone famous saying something profound about your prospect's greatest problem (the one your product or service solves). Example: "I've been on a diet for 14 days and so far all that I've lost is 14 days."
  • show a before and after photograph
  • show a photo of your product in action
  • feature a series of photos that demonstrate your product in action
  • ask a question that includes a blank, like this ___________, which the reader fills in
  • borrow credibility with a photo of a famous person using your product
  • show a customer using your product in an unusual setting (a man sitting on a camel and talking on a cell phone, for example)
  • show a photograph of the postcard sender, and include a personal message from that person, in quotes
  • create a sense of immediacy by circling the date of your deadline for ordering on a calendar, and using that as your visual
  • present your offer visually (if it's a discount, show the amount of money saved as a pile of dollar bills; if it is a cruise for two, show two people dining onboard)
  • demonstrate that you understand your prospect's challenge by showing a photo of a prospect facing that challenge
  • dramatize your product with a close up photo of an unusual part
  • design your postcard to look like a high-end invitation
  • ask a "true or false" question that is answered on the other side (eventually)
  • make the postcard interactive by inviting the reader to fold it, hold it up to the light, bend it, or do something else with it that communicates your selling proposition in a compelling (and perhaps funny) way
  • whatever you do, remember that the goal of Side A of your postcard is to grab attention long enough that you arouse curiosity and motivate your prospect to turn the card over and continue reading
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    Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation specialist who helps business owners and marketing managers generate leads, close sales and retain customers using creative direct mail marketing. Sign up for free weekly tips like this at

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