Marketing Flat? Is It Your Plan or Your Vision?

60+ hour workweeks, cash flows that constantly keep you up at night, stress and more stress again. Payroll due in two days (where the heck is that going to come from?) Does this sound like your business? Is your business a job with the most fickle, disloyal boss of all..... the customer? I know, I've been there. I've watched first hand as the cash flow I desperately needed walked out the door with no intention of returning, ever again.

Introspection was of little help, after all I was polite, attentive and concerned for the customers situation and needs. What was the problem? Price, Presentation, my haircut?

The much lauded marketing genius Jay Abraham recently published his world view for business as follows:

1. Business Should be FUN.
2. Business Should Be EASY.
4. The People You Sell To Should Be Your GREAT FRIENDS.
5. You should be able to do it YOUR WAY.
6. The world is a 3D Movie and You Have the ONLY PAIR OF SPECIAL GLASSES.
7. It is FAR EASIER to Grow Your Business Geometrically, Than It is to Grow It Incrementally.

What a mind set, what a concept, can you even begin to wrap your mind around a world view for business that's anything like this?

When first exposed to this I became excited and did a little research. It didn't take long to discover that Jay Abraham is a modern day marketing marvel who has been the compelling force behind the phenomenal growth of over 12,000 businesses in more than 450 industries.

12,000 businesses, 450 industries.

I thought about this for a while and then it hit me...right between the eyes. Contained in this one phrase was the biggest reason for my frustration. I had complete and total tunnel vision.

I didn't have anything like a unique selling proposition, As a matter of fact everyone in my industry sold the same stuff at generally the same price and in much the same way as everyone else for the past 20 years. A simple look through the Yellow Pages confirmed this as fact.

Mine was a "me too" business, plain and simple.

Jay Abraham is a past master of a concept he calls "funnel vision". Like a scientist in the laboratory of business he has perfected the ability to load 12,000 businesses in over 450 seemingly unrelated industries into one end of his funnel and to synthesize the results obtained at the other end.

The result? Concepts that are standard marketing fare in some industries can be wildly unique and successful in others. This incredibly unique perspective allows Jay to command some of the highest fees going $5,000 per hour and $40,000 per day are his standard rates, and these have been more than willingly paid by some of the most high profile businessmen and organizations in the world!

Jay's tools, techniques and strategies are responsible for literally billions in increased revenues. Nobody does it better.

So ask the question of yourself. Do you have a me too business? If so you don't have to live with tunnel vision anymore.

Randall Madon is the owner of both offline and online businesses and through an association with Mr. Abraham you can download Jays' 32 page report "Windfall Profit Parodox" free ($295.00 Value) Download this free 32 page report and gain a unique look inside the mind of a modern day marketing genius. /windfallreport.pdf

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