Build a Dynamic Business - 10 Steps to Start You Off

It's where your employees are in a 'special place' when they work together. And to get there, they have to be in a culture that is very special - and you can create it in your business too!

Here are ten key points that will make a big, big difference:-

  • Build Great Relationships
    Take the time to engage with your people. Enjoy conversations with them. Listen more than you speak.
  • Be Generous
    This is not a money thing. Generous with your time, your courtesy, your behaviours. Be a kind boss and be humble.
  • Encourage People
    Encouragement creates tremendous energy. Think about when you were encouraged - what was it that happened to you - replicate it a hundred times in the next week.
  • Make it Safe
    Let people fail gracefully - and not about catching them out. Be the net they fall into and help them experience and learn from their mistakes safely.
  • Trust and Honesty
    These have to be a given for your people to give of their best for you. Setting the standards will encourage this as a baseline in your business.
  • Enable Risk
    Sure, gamble a bit on opportunities and let your people do so too. Risk is where the great inventions have happened in history - let it happen now.
  • Give a Hand
    Your people will value it when you get your hands dirty too. Take part in the 'business' when it needs you and be a part of the team sometimes.
  • Provide a Map
    Help your people help you and your business, by having a game plan for the future for the business and the people who work there. Be open with them - share your hopes, fears, worries and elation.
  • Have Clarity
    Be very clear about what is expected of your people. Spell it out, go back, recheck and do it again. the onus is on you to get this right - not them.
  • Laugh!
    The best creator of teams and the spirit they need, yet so often lack. Have fun, encourage laughing and get in there yourself - it will make the most enormous difference for you! With these conditions in place, you will then be able to leverage all the natural exuberance of your people - and get more, much more from them than you ever bargained for.

    Copyright 2005 Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, http://www.coaching-busine (Note to editors. Feel free to use this article, wherever you think it might be of value - it would be good if you could include a live link)

    ...helping you, to help your people, to help your business grow...

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