Networking the Media

The media is a business's absolute best friend. It is THE source of information distribution to the masses. Even "bad" press has been known to stimulate business.

The media is a "business" just like any other business. It has a "product" (air space, print space or television space) and therefore must sell this product. And it is a "perishable" product. Most people don't think of the media as a "perishable" product but it is. Radio stations and television stations sell "time". Once that time has passed, you can't get it back. Newspapers and magazines sell "space". They have deadlines to meet to fill that space so that makes the space a perishable commodity.

This means that the media is ALWAYS looking for news to take up the time and space that they have. They are also, of course, looking for advertisers. For this article, lets look at helping them fill their time and space, and getting plugs for your business that are either free or very, very low cost.

1. The Press Release. This is THE most common type of free placement with the media. But many business professionals mistaken a press release for an ad. You get press releases for free - you pay for ads. Press releases need to be about information that is of interest to the public that frequents that media. It needs to announce something versus sell something. It needs to be written in a certain style with a certain focus. For more information about the proper way to structure a press release, see

2. Articles that you write. The media is always looking for new information to pass on to it's clients. You can help them by writing for them. Contact the business editor at the media of your choice and see what you know about that they might need an expert in. This is another FREE source of exposure for your firm. And you help the editor out as well.

3. Articles ABOUT you. This is what EVERYBODY wants from the media without thinking about "what's in it for them" from the media's side. There is no editor anywhere that can run as many articles about specific businesses as there are businesses wishing to have an article done for them. Articles are often bartered for something the media needs. They are also done when something really unique happens with a firm. Be the first in your area to offer a certain product or service, do something of an important nature politically, or socially, or have something unique that will appeal to the media's client base and you have a greater chance of getting a story done.

4. Joint Promos with the media. Contact the media in your area and offer to sponsor a joint promotion with them. Have a contest and give away tickets to major sporting or entertainment events (like concerts) in conjunction with your favorite radio station, newspaper, magazine or television station. If they have a "mobile unit" ask them to broadcast live from your site.

5. Buy space in odd places or at less desirable times. Everybody wants the "drive time" for radio (when people are driving to and from work). Everybody wants to advertise in "prime time" on television. And everybody wants to be on the front or back page in print media. I have seen radio stations GIVE time slots away that are at 3 o'clock in the morning just to fill the space. Form good relationships with your media contacts and these ads will not only help you but them as well. I personally have bought television time for as little as $4.00 for a 30 second spot. Amazing. Better than that though- EFFECTIVE.

Nancy Roebke, is the Executive Director of Profnet Inc, a professional business leads generation corporation. We bring business professionals together in a non-competitive environment to help each other make more money.

Copyright c Nancy Roebke

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