10 Ways to Get Your Flyers Noticed

An inexpensive way to promote your services is to create
various flyers and distribute them wherever you go -- pin
them to the bulletin boards at the library, bookstore,
handout out at networking events, or playing tennis. Here
are 10 tips on how to get your flyer noticed and remembered.

1. Include your picture. People like to connect with others
visually. Color is great, yet black and white is fine too.

2. Hook your prospective buyers with the headline in the
top line. For example, read about ______ as it really is!
Give them a reason to read the flyer. Show those benefits!

3. Testimonials that appear authentic are very important.
For some, testimonials that include a two or three-line
quote with initials, last name, and a state are not
perceived as authentic. Make this area two-fold by adding a
call to action along with authenticity. You can use, "visit
my web site for additional testimonials and live links to
contact these people."

4. The flyer needs a call to action. What do you want
someone to do once they read the flyer? Call? Visit web
site? A common mistake is to omit the benefit they get for
taking that action or to place it somewhere else in the
flyer and not next to that request (call to action).

5. Add praise instead of testimonials. Praise does not
necessarily talk about what the flyer topic is discussing.
It can be for something else you do.

6. If selling a product, make it easy for them to purchase
the product. Show how they can order online, via fax, or by
phone. Here is a great example of some language: "3 Easy
Steps to Order." Make sure you tell them when they can
expect to receive the product. For skeptics, offer them a
URL link to get more information.

7. If they can purchase directly from you and you have your
product on hand, write that down on the flyer. Here are
some of the things I write down: "You can usually find me at
Borders every Friday between 3 PM and 5 PM if you want to
discuss anything (or purchase the product)." I do one for
the library as well. I place a flyer on their job board.
It takes the library staff at least 3-5 days before they
discover it.

8. The headline must grab the reader and the first
paragraph must hold them. You have three seconds to
accomplish this. If you are looking for a specific target
market, find out what words/phrases will get their attention
and write to that audience. If you are not sure change the
hook for different target markets and leave the rest of the
flyer the same. Experiment with several to see what works
until you get the response you want.

9. Carry at least 25 flyers with you in a plastic sealed
folder. This protects them from the elements and keeps them
fresh. Place a piece of cardboard in front and in back for

10. Use the blank side of the flyer to write notes. People
hold onto them longer. Recommend a book, web site, or
referral. You can write a code for a special discount or
complimentary session. Give them a meaning for the code and
ask that they provide it when they e-mail or call. You can
even ask them to enter this method into other tracking
systems. Design the codes so that they reference something
to you. Like 10 for all those at a certain event or 20 for
their target market match. Then you can put them together:

Remember the follow-up "law of seven." After seven
exposures, you have created interest!

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Marketing &
Writing Coach, specializes in product development, Internet
writing and marketing, nonfiction, training. Newsletters and
articles available at: http://www.abundancecenter.com
blog: http://abundance.blogs.com

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