How To Get What You Really Want

As a small business owner, entrepreneur or independent professional, it's important to make plans. It's also important to have the time to let things happen. Only you can decide what is to happen in your life. Here is a method that may work for you. You have nothing to lose.

Start with that yellow pad; you can transfer to computer later on. Tear out eight pieces of paper and label each as follows: Finance, Health, Professional, Community Service, Personal/Fun, Spiritual, Relationships (All) and Education. If you have other titles that you prefer, use them. Give this suggestion a chance; it's just that, a suggestion; a manageable breakdown of all life's topics.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

* How will I do things differently than I've done them before?

* What am I holding onto that I no longer need or want?

* What are my personal values?

* Are my business values the same?

Part of your plan, before setting your new outcomes, is to eliminate any toxic or draining person, activity, commitment or prior goal that is no longer working. You are not required to do anything that doesn't serve you. This will only create resentment and affect your future.

Prospective clients can always tell an unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied person. You will not attract what you desire. For about a month, try asking yourself, "Is this what I really want to do?", " I this what I most desire?"

As the responses come, you will see what and who has been depleting your energy. Take care of yourself first. Be totally responsible for what happens in your life.

These topics can include business and personal outcomes.

Let's first choose the topic "Finance". Determine what you really desire. You may desire or want to be:

1. debt-free
2. have a child
3. create a larger profit
4. increase your income
5. buy a car
6. purchase a home
7. take a vacation
8. investment your money
9. quit work
10. sell your business .

You get the picture. This is a project that requires a little time. The energy is yours to direct where you want.

Another guide to desires and outcomes; keep them SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and True. If you want a car, make sure to say "Platinum, 2005, 850i BMW car," not, "I want a BMW." You may wind up with a motorcycle! Measurable; how will you know it when you get it? Attainable; is it at all possible? Outcomes or results should be at the outer edge, not out of reach. Realistic and true for you, not anyone else.

This is your life.

A reminder: don't include other individuals in your desire or outcome; they have to make their own. Even when the desire pertains to your business, it's still yours to own. Be consistent with your values. Write your desires in present time-"I am in the process of being wealthy," not, "I will be rich next year." Feel it and act it. Write down every task and idea that will help achieve these results. After you have created all your desires, take several 3 x 5 cards and write them down. Carry these cards with you and keep copies in your car, at the office, in your home.

Now it is time to give up control, go with the flow and enjoy your rewards! You deserve them.


Joanne Victoria works with small business owners who want to achieve more focus, balance, joy and abundance and still be true to who they really are.

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Joanne Victoria, CEO of New Directions in Sausalito, CA works with and speaks to groups of small business owners and independent professionals who want more focus, more balance, more joy and more abundance and still remain true to who they really are. Check out her website: for program information and articles.

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