The Vital Tools To Marketing Success

Special Article Report: Theses Keys Work!

Many times over the past few years I have had subscribers and business partners ask me why and how I am able to not have a day time job and work from home fulltime when they are doing the same thing and still are caught up in the day to day grind?

Simple Really, The article I write below will help you understand how to suck in profits without having to spend your life savings to do it. Many top names in marketing and advertising ask me why I dont put all of what you are about to learn in a ebook and sell it for a profit?

Mainly because there is enough of that going around now! Many different times you will see a ebook or software that comes out claiming to be the next BIG secret to success just to find out the only one succeeding in making anything from it is the so called GuRu himself. These people are in their own circle of profit helping each other stay rich off of your dreams.

Now lets talk alittle about you and how you are going to do the very same thing. No you will not make millions over night or even in a week. But if done right you can have a very nice chunk of money coming in on a daily bases.

(1)Domain Name & Web Hosting: The First Key to Success!

So many new marketers come online today just to join some affiliate program and pay every month to be a member of dreams they are going to get rich. Now the only problem I see with this is you where not getting rich by working for someone else on your "Day Job" so what make's you think you are going to get that way working for someones affiliate program??

For the same amount of money you spend to be a member of some crackpot's program you can have your OWN! Go To: or send a email to my good friend and business partner Sam Fioretto at and tell him Damon Smith sent you. Sam has a wonderful website hosting company that you can get all the space and bandwidth you need for your own website for about $10 to $15/month. Also it only cost about $8/year for your domain name which you want to make something catchy about your business so that people will know just from your what your products or service is for before they ever click on your link.

Sam is #1 support person I have ever met in my life, You do not have to go this alone when you have someone like Sam that will be more then happy to help anytime you need it. There are not many online that will spend more time with you and your business then this guy.

(2)Minsites with ResaleRights:Second Key To Success

Over the years I have collected many new products that I paid for or received through JoinVentures. I have the ResaleRights to each of these so that when I upload them to my own business I can sale them for as much as I like! Below are two examples of minisites and products. These are just two that I earn $100s off per day!

1. EBA Bundle Package:7products in one all with ResaleRights!

The EBA mega Bundle package was put together by my good friend Michelle over at EBA ebook club. She puts out one each month to members all with resalerights and 90% of them come with minisites. You can brand these with your own name & business information so they look like they come from you! And you can put your own price on them an keep 100% of all profits you earn!

2.eWhizAd Creator: The Answer to more sales & Open emails!

The eWhizAd Creator has been released only a few short months and already sales from this little jem has proven to be very rewarding! As you can see this minisite like the first has been branded with my own name and website to give my company extra exposure when someone buys them. It makes it easy for me to be able to get return sales because I offer a guarantee with each product from my site!

(3)Lead Capture & Optin List:The 3th Key To Success:

You have heard it many many times, "The Gold is in the List" This phase is so true that I can not express enough to my own clients and business owners that I work with how important it is to have your own optin list or Lead Capture System in place with your new website. Lead Capture pages are a automatic system to grab your clients email,first & last names,Ip Address. So you can contact them about offers or send them gift downloads for visiting your site.

Starting your own optin list for your business is also easy to do. Just because you might not have the answer to every question that comes your way dont mean you dont have what it takes to be a publisher (eZine) or start your own mini eCourse with information that you have learned. Information is still the #1 selling product on the internet. It dont matter if you get it FREE or not when you learn something about markneting & advertising use that skill to help others and the reward for this is the client will pay you for something else you are offering!

(4)AffiliateProgram: YOUR OWN NOT SOMEONE ELSES!

Having your own affiliate program is also something you can use as a tool to earn thousands! These scripts that run these are very low cost and not hard to set up. Then you have other clients and even business owners that will promote your new affiliate program to their contacts to help you and them become a TEAM of marketers that all end up in a win-win program! Just make sure that you dont let success go to your head! Be the same way toward people that help you and you help them. This is how success is reached on the internet. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO IT ALONE!

(5)JointVentures: The finally key to make it all work!

Doing JointVentures or Jv's with other business owners will get you much more out of your business then anything else online today. Doing jv's with companys that are in the same field as yourself will help you build your business faster and still be able to get you all the tools you need without having to spend thousands to do it!

If you dont know what business you would like to start this is a idea that I share with all of my subscribers.

What is the one thing that all marketers need and use online? ADVERTISING! You are already buying and submitting advertising to promote what programs you are in so why not stop buying advertising and start selling it?? There is a great product called eZyEzine Co-Op Script that you can use to build your own eZine Co-Op service and get people to buy from you! The market for this is wide open because there are only a few online like MyWizardAds (Theresa Cahill) and of course the! These companys make thousands of dollars a month selling ads because of the publisher groups they have as affiliates.

As you know publishers like myself and others use Co-Ops to get subscribers to help build our list. You could be the person that we are promoting for! Check out eZyEzine Co-Op Script at:

NOTICE: All of the above is information that will help you get started on your way to a fulltime income. Just remember that it is up to YOU and not someone else. Keep your head up and reach for the stars and you will find yourself as ONE!

To Your Continued Success!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Damon Smith is the publisher for HaileysComet Weekly eZine, He has helped hundreds of people start earning online with their own business instead of working for someone else. He is known as the Howard Stern of publishing because of the stright forward way he helps others! You can check out Damon's site at or contact him at

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