Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Do you believe that there is a price to pay in anything and everything? I do. But I am not necessarily referring to monetary terms. I am not strictly talking about the dollars you hand out when you buy something either.

You see, there is a price tag to everything we do.

On the Internet, we have many so-called gurus (I do not like using this word but anyway...) telling other people that it takes little or no money to start an Online Business. True. However, what most people fail to see is the price tag that goes along with that statement: you need to invest a lot of sweat equity to make your Online Business a success.

Starting an Online Business on the Internet is a great option for most people who do not have much money but still desire to be an entrepreneur of some kind. However, instead of paying a lot of money to succeed, you contribute in terms of sweat equity and be a 'little' intelligent.

The reason I said a 'little' intelligent is because time and again, most of the successful Internet Business owners we know, witness or heard of are not from bright academic backgrounds. What is ironic, it is these people who surpass the so-called academic stars and professionals in the financial field.

Whoever said it takes money to make money is certainly wrong. If money can make money, the following will happen:

[1] The poor will perish because they do not even have the money to make money.

[2] The rich and middle-class will go on to make more money with no effort or using their intelligence and wisdom simply because they already have the money.

You and I know that the two statements above are not 100% true. Why?

[1] Most of the rich people we know or heard of today were not necessarily from wealthy backgrounds. They used what is cheap and available to every one of us to succeed.

[2] Some rich or middle class people still end up losing their wealth owing to their foolishness. If it takes money to make money, should not they be getting richer?

What has all these to do with your pursue on starting your own Online Business? Most people who start their Online Business have fallen for the idea that it is a very 'easy' way of making money on the Internet.

Let us get some facts straight here.

It is easy to make money from the Internet ? but also easy not to make money from the Internet.

Has anybody told you that before? I do not know. If you are reading this, please keep this statement in mind especially if you are just beginning to pursue your Online Business - It is easy to make money from the Internet, but also easy not to make money from the Internet.

Remember that doing business on the Internet is a means of high leverage. You can seek prospects without traveling to their homes and offices across the continent. You can communicate with many people at the same time. With the Internet, you can more omni-present and not limited by your presence and time in the offline world.

However, since you do not have to put a lot of money to start and operate your Online Business, this means that you will have to invest a lot of sweat equity and working smart in the process to reap the rewards from your Online Business.

Investing a lot of money in any form of business is never the only solution. It is just part of the solution. The rest of your pursuit towards success depends heavily on your determination and hard work.

If you are not prepared to work hard, you will be doomed to fail and wonder why everybody else is surpassing you. I did not make the world that way but it is a law written on stone.

Copyright © Edmund Loh

About the Author:
Edmund Loh is the author of the E-Biz Wiz Blog and Starting An Internet Business Special Report. Visit E-Biz Wiz Blog for proven ideas, tips and information on starting your own Internet Business and subscribe to the 12 Day Internet Marketing Success Course. http://ebizmodelsyoucancopy.blo

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