Seven Strategies To Make Money On The Net Regularly

You can attract 1,000's of prospects to you. You only need to be equipped with your own web site and an unlimited product or service to sell.

There are seven different strategies you can begin doing immediately to make tons of money in your chosen program(s). You may not be able to do all but every step should be taken to do as many of these as you can, these techniques are the only ones that really work!

1. Send Personal Email Message To Selected Webmasters

I'm talking about going directly to the web site, getting a name, then sending the site owner a short message asking if they would be interested in having a banner on their site that could end up providing a powerful residual income.

2. Start A "Hot Tip" E-zine

Do you want to recruit 80 people or more a week to your program? Then publish an ezine! All you have to do is publish a hot tips newsletter. Whenever you find a really cool site or have done something really nice to your site that increased the hits, send it out to the list.

I get tons of ezines each week and many of them aren't worth the digital space they take up. Every once in a while though, a little jewel pops up that really helps me out.

Because it's one of the hottest ways to sell anything you want once a person has subscribed, when someone subscribes to your Free newsletter, you then send them a welcome letter that also gives the details of your program you want them to join. Receive Free subscription to Web News.

3. Post Helpful Hints / Tips / Answers Forums Everywhere

An entire book could be written on the power of Forum Marketing. Try creating your own in my Free Community Directory but always remember these three things when participating in forums:

* Always have a .SIG file attached to the message you post. Your signature file is the most important part of your forum marketing, post your free ezine web address and autoresponder in it.

* Don't overload a board but place as many tips / hints / answers to boards as you can. Hundreds of thousands of people go to forums all over the net everyday, remember, it's just a number game.

* Actually give real value. Don't go posts and disrespect someone's forum with advertisements

No matter how good you think your product or opportunity may be, everyone will get mad at you and remember you as an impolite peddler. So don't do this strategy if you can't control yourself.

4. Write Special Reports And Give Them Away.

We all have stayed for a long while on the web. We have tried all techniques that seem to promise effective traffic to our site Some failed, some prove to be successful. We have garnered positive results that worth sharing with others.

Why not compile them? Write effective reports that are worth selling. Do a research thoroughly on a subject. Compile your positive responses that you'll know others will be willing to pay a couple of dollars for it. Then what? Give them away for Free.

Always have what's called a resource box at the end of the article. The resource box tells who you are and where your site is. It tells webmasters and ezine owners that they can host/publish this report as long as the resource box remains on the report. As your articles with your resource box begin to get spread around to many web sites/newsletters the resource box is constantly advertising for you, bringing people to your site and bringing in subscribers to your newsletter.

Get your free articles to distribute royalty-free by clicking here.

5. Start your own Affiliate Program.

You can add revenue streams to your web site by becoming an associate or affiliate of another company.

For more details, please click here.

6. Create A Really Cool And Hot Web Site People Will Come Back To.

Create a demand for people to come back to your site again and again. Giving away things or online utilities for Free creates the necessity for them to return to your site. Online organizers, web-based emails, contests, homepage, search engine submitter, and online contacts developer are some freebies you could give away. For example, just by joining my web site for Free, you will receive everything I've mentioned.

For more information, please email me at

7. Capture Every Single Email Address You Can.

This is the most vital part of all your marketing. You will notice that all these strategies I've enumerated aims to give you a thousand prospects, then trap them in your influence until they buy or get referrals from you. Capture every email address and keep sending tips/hints/secrets/offers to them until they buy!

For current special offers, please email me at

To be successful on the web, every netpreneur uses the above-mentioned techniques to the fullest. They are powerful and effective if treated and followed seriously. provides solutions to everyday webmastery task like search engine submissions, internet promotion, and sticking your visitors to your site. Become a member now for as low as U.S. $100.00 a year.

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