Believe In Yourself

Diana is a wonderful person with a great personality and a lot of talent. Anybody who knows her can easily see the talents that she possesses. Everybody, that is, except Diana.

See, Diana has a low opinion of herself. Yes, she knows she has a few talents, or things that she likes to do. But when she thinks about it, she doesn't see anyway that any one would ever pay her for her service.

Deep down inside Diana has the opinion that she doesn't really have what it takes to be successful. See, all the people she know who are successful, all seem really confident in themselves and she knows that she isn't confident at all. In fact, she gets embarrassed when people even mention her talents.

If someone gives her a compliment, she brushes it off and says, "Oh, that was nothing special."

When Diana is honored for one of her talents, she gets embarrassed and believes that she doesn't deserve any honors. There really must be some mistake. Who is she that others would think such wonderful things about her?

Diana is like most of us.

We have a low opinion of ourselves.

What about you?

What do you REALLY think about yourself?

Do you ever have thoughts about not being good enough? Or not educated enough? Or that you don't have the right background or upbringing to become successful?

Do you have thoughts that you do not deserve to live your dreams because only the sexy people live out their dreams?

When it comes to you, nobody will ever listen to what you have to say?

These feelings that we have about "not being good enough" are what is known as "programming."

Somewhere along the way while you were growing up, someone told you that you weren't good enough. Or someone, usually an adult authority figure, made you feel that you simply didn't count. Or you were told that only people with college educations could really make it in today's society. Or you were told that people of your background or ethnicity simply never make too much of themselves. Perhaps you had big goals and big dreams and someone told you to lower your expectations because you will never accomplish the things that you wish to accomplish.

And somewhere along the line, you started to believe it.

You believed it so much, that now that you are an adult, you are still holding on to those believes-whether you are aware of it or not.

I'm here to tell you that if you want success in your life, if you want to live your dreams, if you want the life that you deserve-you have to make it a point to eliminate those thoughts and those beliefs.

The longer you hold on to them, the longer it will take for you to live the life that you were born to live.

Dawn Fields is a motivational speaker, author and life coach who teaches how to discover your life's purpose and incorporate it into a career. Visit her web site at and be sure to subscribe to Your Life's Purpose newsletter by sending a blank email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Check out her radio broadcast each Thursday at 9 p.m. EST at how.htm.

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