A Fabric Hammock is Comfortable Casual Chic

If you are looking for unique seating inside or out, why not consider a hammock? What comes to mind when you picture a hammock? Do you see yourself on the islands? Are you swaying in the breeze while watching the kids play in the pool? Are you watching the stars at night on your hammock for two? You can be on vacation year round when you add a hammock to a room or patio. You instantly create a casual chic or sophisticated hand designed elegance. There are fabric styles such as the beautiful Brazilian hammock that are elegant yet have the aura of pure everyday relaxation.

They're inviting aren't they? They almost call to us when we see them. Fabric hammocks conform to the body and are quite comfortable. Many people all over the world still sleep in hammocks. You don't feel like you need a liner or body pillow in the fabric hammock. However, they also don't offer the ventilation you get from a rope hammock. There are a wide array of colors and patterns available and some come with an earthy ethnic fringe detail. The workmanship on these hammocks is quite exquisite and would be a nice addition to any backyard or family room. Try one in the master suite. They come large enough for two. Place it where you have the best view. You might overlook the pool, or out to the backyard. If you live on a lake, you want to be able to relax and lounge indoors as well as outside.

You might look for a hammock stand that will enable you to easily place the hammock where you wish. Trees are the holder of choice outdoors, but you can have a stand outside too. If you own a pool, put it right next to the pool so you won't miss a moment of the kids having fun. They will have fun splashing you too. If you opt for the pool hammock you might want to consider a vinyl coated material. This is more suited for the elements, yet you won't feel quite as cool on the vinyl coated polyester material. Since they are coated, recline immediately exiting the pool. It doesn't matter if you're wet, just dry off swaying in the breeze. I currently own a rope style hammock that is by the lake, but I long for just the right style to put indoors. Cotton would be nice, but outdoors the fabric can fade and the water will eventually wear down the fiber. Quilted hammocks are water resistant and usually have a pattern on one side. There are many color schemes available and also many price points.

Consider weight when you actually hang the hammock on trees. Your weight will obviously bring it down and you could find yourself stuck on the ground if you have the ends too close together. If you don't have appropriate distances of trees, a hammock stand would be the answer. If you feel like you are taking your life into your hands every time you climb into a hammock, there are some easy tips to keep in mind for smooth sailing or "swaying". Just stay balanced.

The best way to approach the hammock is to pull it underneath you and gently sit down in the middle. Don't make sudden moves, or collapse onto it. Just hang on to the side of it with one hand and slowly move your legs on to the fabric. Your own weight will help make you stabilized so the hammock won't swing out from under you. Once you are there you will feel like a cocooned bug in a rug. You might also want to try lying in the hammock at a diagonal angle instead of straight. You will feel like you are floating on a cloud when you do this and also a little more stabilized. Don't sit on the edge as it will probably flip over and hit you on the top of the head. Children shouldn't climb in feet first either. If you have a rope hammock, their little feet will to through and get all tangled up. Slow and easy is the way to go. Once you have mastered the art of the hammock, you won't want to sit in other chairs. You will all be fighting over who get to relax on the most comfortable piece of furniture you own.

Bev Hlavka is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying patio furniture, gas grills, picnic tables and more. Her many articles can be found at http://www.patio-furnitur e-4u.com/Hammocks.htm. She gives information and tips at http://www.patio-furniture-4u.com to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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