Holiday Times Are For Helping Those Less Fortunate, Think Holiday Cards

Every year I watch as advertisers begin to promote their products for the Holiday Period. For retail this is their busiest time and sales usually make or break a company's year. I'm not here to play scrooge, I would however like people to think a little about what the holidays are really about.

Perhaps it's me getting a year older and wiser, but as I look around at the world it really makes me understand that our time on this earth isn't a long one and that we should make the most of our time. The catastrophee of watching Katrina wipe out whole cities and families makes me realize that material things that we have are great, but not all that important. Think about all the people that saved to buy that great house in New Orleans, that today if alive are without anything. These people as hard as it is should realize, that as hard as it is, life goes on.

Children and families to me are what Holidays are all about. When I see children who have certain difficulties and obstacles work hard to achieve goals that others take for granted, it touches my heart. Children are pure. The Mackay Centre in Montreal helps children. The first school for the Deaf in Montreal was started in 1870. Around 1960, the Mackay Institute and the School for Crippled Children both needed a new building. The new "Mackay Centre" was opened in 1964 to serve both populations. Since that time the Mackay Centre has evolved into an organization in which two different organizations cooperate to meet the needs of deaf and disabled children. The Mackay Centre focuses on rehabilitation while the Mackay Centre School concerns itself with the educational needs of the children. There are many joint efforts in accomplishing these goals. At the the present time, the school has a population of 28 deaf children and 133 physically disabled / language students ranging in age from 4 years to 19 years. However, the majority of our students are between 4 and 12 years of age. Students come to the school from all corners of the city as well as from off island schools. There are an additional 28 children who are not disabled in the school, but who attend the school on our reverse integration program. These students are from the Montreal area.

There are 32 teachers in the school, 10 teachers of the deaf and 22 for the physically disabled and language students. All our teachers are trained in special education, and most have advanced degrees.

This truly is a remarkable school with dedicated professionals who truly help children make the most of their lives. I decided that as a fundraiser for this school I would help them sell Christmas and Holiday Cards that were drawn by the children. Proceeds from the cards would go back to the school to buy specific equipment to further help these great teachers, help the children. Being part of this experince truly has made me appreciate the holidays. This year especially with all the tragedies in the world, pick a worthwhile cause and contribute. A small contribution goes along way in many deserving under priviledged peoples lives. If you would like to know more about the Mackay Centre please visit their website at To order their holiday cards you may call me at 514-337-2238 or visit my website for Solutions Ink at Thank you and have a heartfelt holiday season.

Steven Schneidman

Steven Schneidman has a b.A. in Psychology and an MBA from a Canadian University. He has worked as a finance professor in a Canadian University and in the second largest bank. He has owned 2 successful printing and promotional product comapnies. He has a great wife ane 3 loving children.

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