Goals ? The Forgotten Success Element

Goals are extremely important and are the key to any success plan. However, we hear about goals so much that we often take this step for granted. We assume that we already know everything there is to know about setting goals and thus usually skip over this extremely important fundamental success factor. Please don't let yourself get into this trap. As Tony Robbins states in his Personal Power tape on the Power of Setting Goals "Fundamentals have to be practiced daily!"

In this article, we are going to work on your goals.

Remember my previous article? "Why start a Home business" - http://www.source-locator. com/newsletter1.htm? In that article I talked about creating your "Why".

In this article I am going to talk about setting goals to help keep you focused so that you will have a clear cut plan set to help you ultimately achieve the reason why you started a home business.

I believe that the Tony Robbins goal workshop method is one of the best goal setting methods out there so I am going to use his method in this article to help you create your goals and help motivate you to take immediate action.

It's extremely important to follow the steps in this mini workshop if you are going to get anything out of it.

As Tony states, there should be 3 areas for which you should set goals. These areas are:

* Financial goals ? (Money)

* Thing goals ? (Things you want to have)

* Personal Development goals - (Things about yourself you want to improve on)

Write out your goals

1. Sit down right now and write down the things that you want to have 1, 3, 5, and 10 years from now. Do it now! Don't read on until you are finished.

2. Ok, now I want you to write down your financial goals for the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. Do it now. Don't read on until you are finished.

3. Ok, now I want you to write down your personal development goals for the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. Do it now. Don't read on until you are finished.

4. Read over your list and pick your top two goals that you want to accomplish in the next year, from each category, and write a paragraph about why you are committed to achieving these goals now.

Take your time? really think about it. Don't rush... Don't move on until you are done.

Ok? Are you done? If not finish up before you read on. You are only hurting yourself if you don't take the time to do this.

If you are done, I want you to do something now to take action to start achieving the goals that you picked out in number 4 and wrote a paragraph about. Take action now! I am sure you can think of something that you can do right now. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Take action now! Come on right now! Do something to acheive that goal now! It doesn't have to be a huge step, just do something now so that you start to build momentum.

After you have done something to take action towards achieving your goal then read on...

Make your goals visible

It's extremely important to make sure that your goals are always visible. If your goals are visible then they are a constant reminder for you to take action every day towards achieving those goals. Put those paragraphs that you wrote in number 4 where you will always see them. Cut out pictures of your thing goals and hang them around the house. Order a brochure for that car you always wanted but could never afford. Do whatever it takes to make your goals visible.

I hope that you took this workshop seriously and wrote out your goals and why you are committed to achieving them. I also hope that you now understand that goals are the forgotten and overlooked success element that everyone needs in order to ultimately achieve their "Why".

Paul Lasher is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of http://www.source-locator.com which is dedicated towards helping people to start, manage and market a home based business.

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