12 Tips For Writing Winning E-mail

Learning to write more effective e-mail is a valuable skill when you are trying to build an online business. Here are a few tips to get you started.


  • Capitalize The First Letter of each word in your subject line NOT EVERY LETTER. writing in all lower case should also be avoided. You may be trying to make sure your e-mail gets read when using all caps, but it will be deleted most of the time, without ever being read.

  • Avoid making claims that are difficult, if not impossible, to prove. Try to avoid words like best, biggest, easiest, greatest, and so on. These words are subjective, and will often cause people to delete your message without opening it. If you feel you absolutely must use words like this in your subject line, then support them in the body of your e-mail.

  • Make them short and compelling, but don't use deception to get people to read an e-mail. "Message From Admin" or "Account Deleted" are two examples of deceitful subject lines. You may get someone to open the e-mail, but if they find an ad they will delete, and more than likely, block future messages from you.


  • If you are sending e-mail to someone you don't know personally, then explain who you are and why you are sending the e-mail. Example: "You are receiving this e-mail because you are in my A1SFN downline", a simple explanation is usually all that is needed.

  • Pay attention to how the body of your email looks. Remember to put a space between paragraphs, but avoid too much use of "white" space, too. You want your e-mail to be easy to read.

  • Use proper punctuation, and use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. Messages written in all lower case are fine for quick notes to family and friends, but have no place in a business e-mail. Don't forget, spelling and grammar count too.

  • Sign your name to your email. It shows your downline you are a real person, and builds trust.

  • Use a p.s. in every message you send. It is one of the most read parts of an e-mail. Ask for some action on the part of the reader in the p.s., but keep it relevant to the main text of the email.

  • A signature line is an accepted way to do any non-relevant advertising. Most mail providers offer this service.


  • Don't spam. If you are not sure whether the email you are sending will be considered spam or not, then don't send it.

  • Respond to emails you receive as fast as you can. Within 24 hours whenever possible.

  • Finally, test the different parts of your e-mail on a regular basis. Keep what works and get rid of what doesn't work, and you will soon find your email response rates go up.

    Take some time to review these tips, and see where you can make improvements, you'll be glad you did.

    About The Author

    Michael Oksa is the publisher of the A1 Success Force Newsletter. You can save time and money when you're well informed. More info at http://www.a1successforce.com


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