Email Scam Warnings

Most people online are very familiar with the Nigerian Email Letter Scams. They've victimized thousands over the years and continue to do so. I am certain you've received many in your inbox over the course of your online experience. They are easy to recognize to the experienced. But if you are new online check out the following signs. These words are usually included (IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS) in the subject line.









FROM MR.....



Did you know, according to online resources, these emails also originate in Ghana, Togo, Benin.

Even more surprising, according to online resources, is that many of these swindlers are not even staying in the country the solicitations originate from. Their home base might be in Europe, Canada, even the United States!

What can the average online business person do to avoid these scammers?


Read On!

How The Scam Works!

The scam artist proclaims he is an exiled leader or person connected with a former regime. The scammer tries to convince you he was forced to leave his/her home country by new government officials.

Next, they will claim to have a large sum of money, usually millions of dollars, which needs to be transferred to a "safe bank" outside of their country. They must do this before the money is confiscated by greedy government officials.

They would like to transfer this huge sum of money to your personal bank account (lucky you?) You as the owner of the bank account are promised a large percentage of their millions!

Next, they might request you send them your bank account info, a copy of your business letterhead, your business card. Many will then ask the victim to send good old American Dollars to cover transfer taxes in advance!

These Internet Fraud Artist are very adept at baiting a hook, tossing out a line, and reeling in potential victims. If you receive one of their fraudulent email pleas for help contact your local authorities or email provider immediately.

Signs Of An Email Scam Follow:

  • Any deal too good to be true.

  • Email originates from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Europe.

  • Letters claiming ties to high ranking government officials.

  • Request for advance payment in US dollars for transfer fees.

  • Request for personal banking information.

  • Statements you have a undisclosed mutual friend.

    People Most susceptible To Scams:

  • People looking to get rich quick.

  • Naive types.

  • Newbs online.

  • The Elderly.

    Take the time to pass the information on to defeat Internet fraud artist. Only through education, awareness, and taking responsibility will these fraud artist be stopped.

    by BB Lee (C)2004

    About The Author

    BB Lee is editor/publisher of SmallBizBits Business Newsletter.

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