Four Dating Rules You Must Know To Transform Your Love Life

Dating is the first step to love. I am going to give you a simple guide to find your dream-lover. First of all, you will need to call the following basic equipment into full action: brain, eyes, ears, lips and hands. That's all you need, at least in the beginning. Hang on, I know what you are going to say, "are you nuts Zak forgetting the vital ones." Let me clear this mystery once and for all, which has dazzled billions for thousands of years. I am talking about love here. Before feeling the warmth of the fire, it has to be built up from a spark.

Learning to redirect the energy going out and coming into your body through thoughts, vision, hearing, speech and actions in a way which others will find attractive is absolutely critical and is where most tumble. Even moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard is use of energy. It is vital to bring your energy in tune with the wavelengths of your love-interest.

You may ask, "why is it then when I put so much into my relationship with an ex it did not work"? Fair question. Here is a simple tip which will forever change the way you look at people. Do you agree every person has a right to do whatever they want if it is not intruding in anyone else's business? "Yes?" - Correct answer!

Let's look at an example. When you offer to do something for others to the point where they feel like you are not allowing them to make choices of their own, you have intruded on their right to independence. This causes them to resent and think you are trying to enforce your will even though your intentions are completely different. Of course no one should stop doing favors for their lover or helping out. Simply be yourself and allow others to be themselves.

The first and most important rule in love is to respect the individuality of your lover allowing him/her to make own choices. If you make decisions together, consult to show you believe in him/her.

Second love requires effort. Everything in life is determined by how much you put behind it. Sometimes luck may give you an edge, but only those who work on it stay ahead. Have fun and stop treating it like something you need but find inconvenient getting done. Prioritize and put more time and energy behind it like you would behind getting an education or doing a job. Go for it with passion. Believe if not today, there is a tomorrow!

The third rule is to be confident. I cannot stress this rule enough even if I were to hang on a tree upside down for you. "Yeah but I can never gather the nerves", is what you may tell me. There are tons of ways to boost yourself for which I don't even have space to write. I will show you the fastest and easiest way, which is to stop the things which destroy confidence. If you are able to stop negative influences, you will automatically be able to disengage from the battles of life and focus on doing some gardening in your love life. From my experience and research the main reasons because of which people's wills crumble are:

  • Past experiences
  • Current relationships
  • Work environments
  • Pre-set attitudes
  • Lack of Communication
  • Too much negativity. Too little positiveness
  • Refusal to disengage from battles when victory is more expensive than loss
  • Each one of us is fully capable of doing whatever our heart desires. Everyone's case is different and you will have to look at specific issues and see where to make improvements. Not all changes are easy and sometimes you may have to choose an option which looks less secure but at least you are exchanging for happiness. What worth is life lived in sorrow?

    The last and most important rule is to be ready to change. Only by setting a new course will you be able to steer the heart out of the stormy waters of pain and loneliness. Decide now on what you want? Take a sheet of paper and write down, the questions which have been bugging you, with detailed answers. Empty the sadness, so your mind can think clearly. Are you happy the way you are right now? If you had an opportunity to get to where ever you always wanted to be, are you ready to rise? Are you ready to stand up from the past and build a future? Arise if you believe you deserve better! Remember hardships may come by, but those who pursue the path of their hearts with honest ambition never fail.

    You don't have to become a different person overnight. Just starting the process by doing one little thing a day consistently is enough to change the direction of your life. Of course if you have the courage to make whole-scale changes go for it. Most importantly, never look back once you decide to move forward.

    Take the above rules to your heart and I will guarantee your love life will explode with more sound and resonance than you ever dreamed. Also keep in mind even though you do need to work on the above to attract the right people don't hold yourself responsible if your previous lovers let you down for something which was not your fault. The rule of Karma is what goes around comes around and they will reap the fruits which they sow. Be reasonable. It is not the end of the world and move on because there is still much more to explore.

    You have the tools and the fire of passion to convert desire into reality. Drop the hooks you have been using to fish in the pond of love and look into its waters as the reflection leads to the path from which dreams emerge.

    Visit Zakaria Adam at for advice on relationships, dating, romance and Love.

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