Dating: How & Where To Meet Single, Alluring, Sexy & Beautiful Women Of Your Dreams

Are you a lonely man?

When was the last time you went out on date with a sensuous, sexy and beautiful woman of your dream?

Would you like to spark up your romantic life?

It has been reported that there are more single women in US than available men.

And if you ask most single beautiful women they will tell you that they have a problem finding their dream men because all the good guys seem to have been taken.

Most single men are so shy that they are afraid to go out to meet eligible single beautiful women.

Here are a few dating insights to help you to meet alluring, sensuous, sexy and beautiful single women of your dreams.

Most men are afraid of being rejected by beautiful women.

Most men spend thousands of dollars going to nudie bars , cabarets and watching internet porn.

This is why internet porn became the most lucrative business on earth.

The question is why will these men spend a lot of their time and squander thousands of dollars on porn instead of meeting real, live beautiful women of their dreams?

The reason may be because it is safer to "meet" and play with pornographic photos and videos of beautiful women than real live ones.

The picture of a beautiful woman will not bite you or nag you or throw pans and pots at you or sleep around!

It is the stuff that fantasies are made of.

A fantasy will always be a fantasy.

It will never satisfy you.

Only the real thing can satisfy you.

But to have a real, live woman cost a lot of money and requires responsibility.

It can be a lot of work going out to dine and wine them and carter to every of their desires and cravings.

For this reason, it is a shame most men find it more attractive to watch porn than to go and find real live beautiful women to date.

Another reason is that most men are looking for entertainment.

Besides food and sex, entertainment is one of the shortest roads to a man's heart.

But unfortunately most women are oblivious of this fact about men's mind.

This is why most married men and as well as attached men will always have the tendencies to watch porn, go to nudie bars and cabarets and in extreme cases even visit prostitutes.

Even though those women that men see in porn may not be as beautiful as their wives and girlfriends, but they are infinitely more entertaining and attractive.

This should be the answer to the puzzling question most women have, "Why these men have to fool around despite the fact that they have beautiful women such as they are?"

The answer is that most men are not just looking for good sex and good food, they are looking for fantasies and entertainment.

That is why nude strippers, dancers and porn actresses attract a lot of both married and unmarried men!

Just being beautiful is not enough to most men.

A woman has to be entertaining too. Some people call it "sex appeal".

But that is not entirely the correct term.

Entertainment includes a woman's personal magnetism, the way she talks, walks, behaves, dresses, cooks food, eats food, makes love and the style with which she does everything while in a relationship with a man.

But unfortunately, as soon as a man wins the heart of a woman, most of them begin to take the relationship for granted.

This is usually when most women stop being entertaining and so boredom will creep into the relationship and most men will be compelled to go out to have affairs.

Most women have the mistaken belief that if they give their men good food and sex that everything will become alright because those are what men are looking for.

But as the high rate of divorces in America shows, this is a mistaken belief.

The number one thing most men are looking for in a beautiful woman most likely will be entertainment, not just sex or food!

Unfortunately, most women don't make it a priority, so their relationships will soon become boring and fail.

In addition to recent waves of women's liberation, recessions, unemployment, most marriages and relationships have failed, and so causing the availability of more single women than men.

The latest figures on the number of divorces filed recently show that one out of every two marriages in America is falling apart!

This is putting a lot of single women in the marketplace, all of them looking for men.

Most of these divorced women may claim that they "hate" men and that they don't care if they ever see, talk to, or associate with men again - but that's just expressions of hot anger due to their divorces.

The bottom line is that most beautiful women are looking for good men to be their husbands or boyfriends.

So, if you're a man and you're out looking for a beautiful woman, some of the things you should get straight in your own mind are, what you want a woman for, how long do you want her, and what kind of woman will it take to satisfy your needs.

Your needs may vary with your moods, your financial situation, and your own lifestyle or mental adjustment to the world around you.

Thus, when you meet an eligible woman that you think can satisfy your needs, you must first do a little bit of an "analytical reading" pertaining to her needs for a man.

A lot of men fail in relationships because they never consider the needs of the women they meet.

They are selfish and too much into getting a woman to say "yes" and scoring with her.

They ignore the needs of the women, and so in most cases end up meeting the wrong women for the wrong reasons.

So here is rule number one to meeting the woman of your dreams:

A relationship must be satisfying both ways, (not just one way) for it to succeed and last a long time.

The more you can "find out" what she's looking for, and satisfy her needs, the easier it'll be for you to pick one that can satisfy your needs.

Please bear in mind that most women have a problem saying "No" to men.

So, they may not be attracted to you or like you, but nevertheless when you meet them they will say "yes", and go out with you.

Don't be fooled.

Don't be deceived.

Wake up and face the reality.

Juts because a woman said "yes" to your advances and went out with you and even sleep with you doesn't mean she likes you.

It doesn't mean she loves you.

It doesn't mean you two are compatible.

It doesn't mean she wants to marry you.

These misconceptions are how most men end up with the wrong women and later pay heavy prices in various ways for their foolishness

If you go out with a woman who doesn't really like you or attracted to you but who agreed on date because she was too shy or self-conscious to say "no", in the long run after making a lot of investment in your relationship, she may leave you.

You'll be a loser. And you'll be miserable after she leaves you.

So, from the beginning, avoid making that fatal mistake.

Don't go out with a woman just because she said "yes" or because she is available.

Go out only if you determine that there is a mutual interest and attraction between you two.

Go out only because she has what you're looking for and can satisfy your needs as well as because you have what she is looking for and can satisfy her needs.

Unfortunately, it may be impossible to figure out what most women are looking for.

Women are very subtle.

You may need a lot of patience to figure out what they want because it is not always very obvious!

But most men are impatient.

A lot of time they think that getting a woman to say "yes' and to go out with them and also have sex are all there are to meeting the women of their dreams.

And that explains why most eligible handsome men can't meet the women of their dreams.

The more and faster you can "read'' what a woman is looking for, the faster and easier it's going to be for you meet the kinds of women you're looking for.

Now here is Rule number 2: humor and music.

Humor is the single most powerful secret to attracting women.

If you noticed, most beautiful women flock to musicians and entertainers and famous people.


It is simple.

Women are moved by emotions.

So, if you want to penetrate a woman's heart like an arrow, you must learn to be humorous.

If you can sing too, you got it made.

No matter how ugly or how poor you're, you'll always have beautiful women buzzing around you.

And if you're sensuous and have a good job or a thriving business, to add to that, you'll be the king of beautiful women.

So, learn the secret.

Women want men who are strong, have money, good occupation, who can protect them, who can take care of their needs in life and with whom they can have beautiful children.

Above all, they desire men who are funny, and respectable and if possible famous.

Fame is like an aphrodisiac to most women.

By being famous, you are attractive to many people and that turns a lot of women on.

Most women are turned on by men who are desired by many women.

So, the more famous you're, the more a lot of beautiful women will desire you.

When you see a woman that appeals to you at the bus stop or movie theaters or Laundromat or at your job or train station or party, don't be afraid to say "hello" to her and attempt to strike up a polite conversation.

Women hate to be ignored because it makes them feel as if they are not attractive.

Just saying "hello" to woman can lift up her spirit and make her day, whether she is interested in you or not.

They work so hard to make themselves beautiful, to do their hairs, to put up make up, and wear beautiful perfume.

So, when you meet a woman and ignore her, it can make her uncomfortable.

So the rule number two is to develop the habit of saying hello, whether or not you want to meet her . Just say, "Hello". Got it?

It relaxes them.

Remember that a lot of women have been socially conditioned not to be friendly, not to be the first to say "hello" because they don't want to be perceived as "cheap", easy to date or a hooker.

So, when you meet woman, inside her mind, she may be dying to say "hello" to you but she may not dare do that.

And if you fail to say hello to her, especially if she is beautiful, you may spoil her day.

Women crave attention. It is like food to them. So be attentive and pay your compliments when you have a chance to do so.

So, if you want to be popular with a lot of beautiful women, learn to be friendly.

Most women are tense and uncomfortable around men because they know that men are always looking at them and judging them and thinking of them, and they are right!

So, be friendly even if you have no intention to meet her or to go out.

If you're looking for a woman, you've got to notice them anywhere and wherever you see them - and then, open your mouth -let them know that you'd like to get to know them!

Women are everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and begin to notice them and start being friendly!

The easiest and surest way of meeting eligible women is through the social activities of your local "singles" clubs, such as Parents Without Partners, Singles International, and the numerous computer dating services on the internet.

Most such groups sponsor regular dances, dinner parties, rap sessions, and any number of other activities designed to bring divorced and/or single people together.

Lonely Hearts Correspondence Clubs are okay, but in many of them you'll find the memberships inundated by women trying to sell you something or with some sort of designs to deal you out of your money.

Then too, meeting someone via correspondence -learning to love them as a result of what they write in their letters to you - is sometimes disappointing and a hard situation to get out of, when you finally do meet in person.

Most of the Date-A-Mate services are okay, particularly those that employ video tape interviews, but the prices you pay for their introductions are outlandish.

Generally, the success rate of these services - that of matching you with a woman that you end up marrying, and staying married to her - is less than 10-percent. Some of them are just glorified "dating or escort" services.

Attending church in search of an eligible woman sometimes works out - especially if the church sponsors dances, parties and group outings - but in many instances, you'll find that these church-going singles are either religious fanatics or neurotics.

The religious fanatic is a woman to run away from, as far as and as fast as you can, unless you're on a heavy duty religious trip yourself.

As for the neurotics, they're generally hung-up with guilt, anger, or martyrdom from previous experiences with men.

With a "swinging" personality, you can generally score well in the bars and taverns.

The thing is, you have to "find" the bars or taverns that are frequented by the age group and kind of women that meet your needs.

You'll find that the "higher class" women frequent the "motor inn" and hotel bars.

About all you have to do is drop by and join in all the action when there's a convention or gathering of people from out of town in one of these places.

It's then that you'll find many of the "local eligibles" out on the town, plus of course a lot of women from out of town who are looking for men.

In this kind of situation, most of the women are easy to pick up on and most of them are in no big hurry to make any real commitments.

To find the action - where there's sure to be lots of eligible women looking for men - look in your local paper... Look for advertisements announcing square dances, neighborhood picnics, travel tours, and of course, festivals or similar special events.

When you go to one of these activities, you've got to mingle with people there - keep your eyes open for a woman that may be the one you're looking for - and then, do your thing to become acquainted with her.

Remember, once you spot a beautiful woman you'd like to get to know, it's up to you whether you become acquainted or let her slip through your fingers.

Another one of the surest places of meeting eligible women is the evening classes at your local colleges.

If you're not familiar with their services, just give the college office a call and ask them to put you on their mailing list for bulletins and notices of up-coming classes being offered.

Most colleges are now offering any number of seminars, classes and even short courses designed to help people rebuilding their lives after a divorce.

These sessions are almost always "filled to capacity" with the majority of those attending, recently divorced women!

By the same token, for whatever reason, most divorced women return to college to either finish their education or to take some special course that will give them some sort of edge in finding work.

Check it out for yourself - it's almost a strange phenomenon the way divorced women are flocking back to college.

Finally, and if you have the time for it, you'll find an unlimited supply of eligible women in the cafeterias of just about any large office building, particularly government office buildings.

What you do is drop in and have lunch - become a regular - look the scene over and "reach out" for the one that appeals to you.

Remember, spotting a woman you'd like to have is no big deal.

The important thing is forget your shyness, inhibitions, and fears of rejections - Just walk right up to her and say something like, "Hello, I think I'd like to get to know you - could we talk for a minute or too?"

Try it! You'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

After all, most of these ravishingly, alluring, beautiful and sexy women are longing to meet you just as badly as you want to meet them!

So go out and make it happen, tiger?

And when you succeed, remember to take measures to protect your integrity.

Don't sleep with a woman unless she consents to it.

If she says "No", don't assume that it means "YES".

A "No" means no, a NEGATIVE. You got it?

It is no longer fashionable to assume that a woman's "no" means a "yes".

Things have changed. And you can no longer sleep with a woman against her wishes assuming she wants it because it is "macho" to do so!

Respect her wishes.

At the moment she may not be ready to have sex. But if you're patient, sooner and rather than later, the time will be right for her.

And she will sleep with you.

Even though most women may feel, think and talk about sex more often than men, they are slow to be aroused and be in the mood for it.

To protect you from being accused of a date rape, you may have "consent" forms prepared.

Before you sleep with her, make her sign it, stating that you've not forced her in any way, and all sexual acts are consensual.

If a lot of men who have been falsely accused of date rape had the common sense to do that, they would have avoided the needless destruction of their reputations and jail terms.

And avoid bragging about your wealth. By doing so, you may ignite the natural greed in women. You'll be setting yourself up to be ripped off by wrong women.

Avoid hypnotizing women.

Let the attraction between you two be natural and your relationship will last a long time.

If you hypnotize a woman at the beginning with wine, food, flowers, and a show of your wealth, yes at the beginning, she will be yours and you'll have your way.

But one day, the hypnotism will fade away; she will come back to her senses, and will realize you've been the wrong man for her and leave you.

Many men spend fortunes on their women for many years hypnotizing them, until after some time, the women become immune to the hypnosis and so wake up and realize they made the wrong choice and so bail out.

These men feel betrayed and begin to lament that their women have ripped them off. They begin to label these women as evil and call them four letter names.

These na?ve men fail to recognize the truth, that these women are not evil, rather it is them, (the men) who have been unreal and manipulative.

I have seen these "cry-baby" men going to TV shows like "Judge Greg Mathis", Judge Maybelline's "Divorce Court", "Texas Justice" and "Judge Judy" to seek redress and make the judge order their girlfriends to pay back all the gifts they received during the course of the relationships.

Above all, remember to practice safe sex. To protect yourself, know who you're sleeping with.

If possible, don't sleep with any woman (or if you're a woman, don't sleep with a man) unless you know her/his herpes and HIV status.

May these dating secrets help you to find the woman of your dreams who will make you a happy man.


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